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How do you maintain?

melissaka7melissaka7 Member Posts: 277 Member Member Posts: 277 Member
Alright, so I have lost 44lbs since May. My goal is to lose a total of 50. I just want to be under 140 and I understand there will be flucuations. I've struggled with overeating and eating disorders (nothing official, just serious restriction). I don't want to count calories for the rest of my life, but I now LOVE working out, so that won't be an issue.

I'm just not sure what's going to happen next...


  • The_EnginerdThe_Enginerd Member Posts: 3,889 Member Member Posts: 3,889 Member
    I honestly plan on continuing to count. Now that I'm working on fitness and bulking/cutting, I find it's a helpful tool to watch my intake of not just calories, but also my macros and specific micros. Also, it takes very little time for me to log at this point, so I don't consider it a hindrance.
  • nxd10nxd10 Member, Premium Posts: 4,525 Member Member, Premium Posts: 4,525 Member
    I agree that you need to count for at least several months. You have built good habits. Now they need to become ingrained.

    When you hit your goal weight up your calories by, say, 100 or so a day. Try that for a week (you may gain a few pounds immediately, but it hsould stabilize.) Then up again if you're still losing. Keep on until you are stable.

    Keep exercising. Don't forget to eat your exercise calories back or you will continue to lose, which is not your goal.
  • MaddieHardMaddieHard Member Posts: 34 Member Member Posts: 34 Member
    So I've kept the weight off for about 10 months now. It's awesome that you love to work out! Working out will continue to improve the look of your body, and it helps with the confidence to. Maintaining is a rocky road. I don't want to sugar coat it. I've found maintaining to be more emotionally difficult than losing or before I even started losing. I have continued to calorie count and weigh in quite often, it keeps me from going insane haha. But the good news is at some point you will be able to slowly increase your calorie count (emphasis on SLOWLY!!). Take it day by day. Stick to the plan. And hopefully once you've kept the weight off for a while you can ease off of calorie counting and limit weigh ins. But for now continue to calorie count, continue to weigh in, and basically act as though you are still trying to lose the weight.
    Good Luck <3 and remember if you've lost the weight.. you can keep it off and if the dreaded time comes when you need to re- lose it.. you know you can!
  • lilbearzmomlilbearzmom Member Posts: 601 Member Member Posts: 601 Member
    I am very close to maintenance as well and it is very much on my mind. I know I am planning on continuing to log, probably forever. It's something relatively easy to do and it has been probably the single most important reason behind the weight loss I have had. Keep logging. That would be my advice. Also, weigh every day, knowing that there might be a couple pounds fluctuation....
  • ChrisS30VChrisS30V Member Posts: 157 Member Member Posts: 157 Member
    Found the amount of food I needed to maintain my weight, logged it for a few months, then one day decided that I was becoming too obsessed and didn't want to log anymore. I glanced over previous diary entries, ascertained the kinds of foods I ate on a daily basis to maintain and stopped logging cold turkey. My weight has stayed pretty much within the same 1-3 lb range that it was while logging everything, but now I don't stress as much over hitting that daily mythical number. Some days I'm sure I'm over the "goal" number and some days I'm under. I still weigh out certain foods and always maintain reasonable portion sizes. I also weigh myself once a week or less often just to have a feel for how things are going. It's important to adhere to the same good habits that you learned while going about losing the weight.
  • nehushtannehushtan Member Posts: 566 Member Member Posts: 566 Member
    I started the program in 2010 and got to my goal in 2011. I've maintained since then by keeping at the logging and exercise... I've been at my goal weight now for almost 2 years. Counting is what got me here... no reason to stop now!

    Motivation changes over time. The main thing is to always have goals beyond weight loss. Goals like exercise achievements (I want to ride my bike X miles in a day, for example), or strength (lift X weight), or muscle development (tone, trim, core, arms, legs, chest, etc).

    It helps me to flex my calories in a weekly instead of a daily budget. So I can splurge one day and make it up later or I can save some for the weekend. This lets me have some fun foods I normally deny myself, but still keep control.
  • jorge_007jorge_007 Member Posts: 70 Member Member Posts: 70 Member
    Since running is my hobby, it helps me maintain my weight. Like others have said. I count my calories and make sure I get all my macros and micros. I don't worry about over eating because I start to lose weight at a daily calorie intake of 2,600 calories. I worry about under eating! lol
  • LizDHarrisLizDHarris Member Posts: 42 Member Member Posts: 42 Member
    I've been maintaining for approx. 2 years and still log most days - I set my calories based on losing 1lb per week and this allows me to be over without gaining. Having weighed and logged religiously when I was serious about losing the weight in the first place I believe I can now judge portion sizes and make sensible choices. I have noticed that my tastes have changed over time to prefer the lighter options.
  • stuffinmuffinstuffinmuffin Member Posts: 987 Member Member Posts: 987 Member
    I maintain using a Fitbit which has been brilliant. I logged for the first few months of maintaining but then found that I kept on losing weight. I then got fed up with logging everything and didn't want to imagine the rest of my life dependant on keeping a food diary so I spent about 6 months off logging and then when I started running again I got the Fitbit and started logging on MFP again because I wanted to make sure I was eating enough.

    I found that maintenance is not easy - weight loss seemed easier. But try and remember it takes time to find the balance, but when you have it, it's worth the effort.
  • StephoniceStephonice Member Posts: 4 Member Posts: 4
    I am 4lb from my goal and have just started using MFP - I think I will always need something like this to keep me on the straight and narrow but I definitely don't want to be obsessive - even to the point of just logging what I eat, not looking at the daily result and checking once a week as to how I did and how it affected the scales.
  • GemmaRowlandsGemmaRowlands Member Posts: 360 Member Member Posts: 360 Member
    I'm lucky in that I hit my goal 10 months ago, upped my cals, and have managed to keep it balanced every since. I weigh every now and again just to make sure, and if I ever find I'm gaining (or losing, really) weight that I don't want to, I will just have to start counting again and then think about the balance.
  • jess17587jess17587 Member Posts: 153 Member Posts: 153
    Set yourself a routine and net of calories and if you gain weight 2 weeks in a row give your self a decrease of 200 call's but if you lose give your self a increase of 100 cals
  • wilmnocawilmnoca Member Posts: 416 Member Member Posts: 416 Member
    Either count or eat the same thing everyday. People always underestimate the amount of calories they consume. Ofcourse most people will not eat the same thing for all their meals everyday, so the counting helps tremendously! Eat clean and exercise=maintenance.
  • guessrsguessrs Member Posts: 358 Member Member Posts: 358 Member
    After 1.5 years of losing there is a clear pattern of meals, foods emerging. So to maintain I'll continue doing what I'm doing with a little extra in my portions.

    I'll be estimating cals.
  • clepantclepant Member Posts: 2,455 Member Member Posts: 2,455 Member
    I faithfully weigh myself when home everyday the first thing in the morning. While water gain can be an issue, I find that if I am gaining weight, I am eating too much. My rule, five pounds and you got to kick your butt in gear and lose it. That may happen during the holidays or when I am away and I am forced to eat out a lot. I have lost and have kept the weight off for over five years. As others have said, you will actually get a sense for portions and how much you can eat. Also, clothes are always an indication more so then weighing. If its getting snug your gaining and if it is getting too loose, you are losing. Despite all that, I still like seeing my calorie consumption and so I log it. It keeps me honest too.
  • Domane1963Domane1963 Member Posts: 85 Member Posts: 85
    Gosh, that could have been ME writing that post, Mkandell17!!! I, too, have lost 45lbs since May, with my goal being 139lbs! I've also fallen in love with running and working out at the gym and have had compulsive overeating tendencies (recognised by myself but not officially) in the past. Again, like yourself, I appeciate that there are daily fluctuations in weight naturally, so I never panic if I mysteriously gain half a pound, it always seems to disappear again a day or two later! lol

    I'm verging on maintaining and it is scaring the [email protected] out of me, to be honest.... I've always yo-yo'd in the past but this year was the year that I changed my lifestyle (like starting running and cutting out all "white carbs") so there is a larger part of me that is confident that this time the weight has gone for keeps... but it IS a very daunting time. I'm just planning on sticking with MFP and being completely honest about what I'm eating and drinking for a good few more months yet whilst my brain catches "down" with my body!!!
  • mlogantra76mlogantra76 Member Posts: 334 Member Member Posts: 334 Member
    What I am doing right now is weighing myself daily. I record my weight and plot it on a line graph. I know my weight will fluctuate and so I don't freak out if it goes up. I have loosened the reigns on my eating so to speak. I am running regularly and doing strength training. With that, it seems I can eat quite a bit and maintain. Right now, its kinda blowing my mind how much I can eat. My plan is to continue weighing myself because that is the only way to keep my "honest" so to speak. I do journal but right now I honestly don't journal everything. I am really trying to control portions and eat real food. I stay away from "diet food." I eat plenty of vegetables, some fruit and try to eat more protein than carbs. I eat full fat dairy(except for milk) but I do limit myself on bread, white flour, potatoes and sugar. I do allow myself a "splurge" meal right now but really its after I just ran a 5k so it fits into my plan. I have maintained within a few lbs since August 1st doing this.
  • Tootsie562013Tootsie562013 Member Posts: 3 Member Posts: 3
    Found this excellent link.....

    its 22 mins which explains how to maintain weight off, and why it is so hard to maintain.

    its brilliant.:happy:
  • sophia9849sophia9849 Member Posts: 9 Member Posts: 9
    Keep going, enjoy yourself, and if you are trying to lose weight, add another form of exercise and watch your diet. Good luck.
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