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So here's my story...

I used to extremely fit and active, and played sport to quite a high level. But after an injury I put on a lot of weight and struggled playing so I ended up dropping out completely. Since then my weight spiralled out of control and I became lazy, fat and lethargic. All until a friend convinced me to go to Peru last year and climb the Andes. Why I thought it would be realistic that a fat kid could climb a mountain at an altitude where there is little oxygen is beyond me, but I made it. Not only did I make it but I inspired myself to get back in shape and play again.

That was back when I was 232lbs. (Which is a lot at 5'6). Now a year on I weigh 192lbs and my resolve is beginning to wain a little. I'm still sticking to my diet but the weight loss is beginning to slow and I don't want to implode.

That's where you come in! I want you guys out there to help me out (and me to help you of course) to stay on the downward slope to fitness! So please if you want support or feel you could help, get in touch.



  • Hi, keep it going.
    I have always battled my weight, but I have always tried to get out and walk. I have a beautiful dog who loves to walk, so he is my main motivation. I AM NOT SUGGESTING YOU GET A DOG. PLEASE DON"T GET ONE IF YOUR NOT WILLING TO MAKE A LIFETIME COMITTMENT AND LET HIM/HER LIVE INSIDE. Off the soap box. Any way I hit fifty and my world was rocked. HORMONES out of control Very bad, put on weight..... I started new program with my Doctor, since weight watchers wasn't working for me, WW ROCKS, just not this time. Anyway 1400 cal a day 9 glasses of water vit, fish oil, protein shake in the AM. And I keep records of everything My Fitness Pal. Oct 25 is one month. I have lost 2 pounds :( but am not stopping. May have to give up the herbs for HRT. I walk 3-4 miles a day and swim 30 mins or do a water Aerobic class.

    Are you sure your putting every thing in MFP? You should be very PROUD of that climb and put pictures of that trip to remind you what got you started. Have a goal. When I reach X pounds am going to climb X
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    I should have mentioned that my goal weight is between 154 and 168lbs ideally. I record absolutely everything I eat on MFP and also any exercise that I do. So far so good!

    KEEP IT UP 2lbs is a start! Just keep working at it and the results will come!!!!
  • You should be proud of what you accomplished! I can add me and we can motivate each other :)
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    Hi there, I'm Erika. I've always struggled with my weight and have started and fallen off of this journey many, many times. Recommitted once again, I'm always looking for new friends to help each other stay motivated. I'd love to be a part of your support system!
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    Thanks guys I've added you all as friends and hopefully we can all keep each other motivated and positive! How about we each report back our weekly weights on a Wednesday here and keep each other heading in the right direction?
  • You've already accomplished a lot. Now you just have to keep going. If you don't, those calories will probably creep back up on you, and all your efforts will have been for nothing! That is what happened to me. I started on my weight loss journey 3 years ago, and after one month of dedication, the scale didn't budge. Then all of a sudden, I started shedding the pounds, and before I knew it, I had lost 20 lbs! Then I had house guests, went to visit family for Christmas and got out of my diet/exercise routine, and even though I didn't gain it all back right away, after about 6 months, I was back to square one. Now I've started again, on August 19, and still have only lost 3 lbs... I can also feel my motivation waning, but we can't give up the fight! Keep thinking of how great it will feel if you do this!! You can add me as your friend, and we can motivate each other. Keep smiling!
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    Thank you all for all of the kind words and support already and I wish you all the very best on your journey too! Keep me updated and I'll help you stay on the straight and narrow if you do the same for me. I've popped a picture of when I was climbing the mountain onto my profile..... I hadn't looked at it in a while but damn I was big! Great to be able to compare the two photos side by side!
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    You have accomplished so much mate, don't throw it away.

    If wilting, try maintenance for a couple of weeks until that little mojo comes back from it's holiday.
    I think we have all gone through periods of time where it does become a chore but the rewards are to great to slip back.

    Great idea looking at your old pic, that will help as well!!!!

    Check my profile out and if you think I can support (that goes for anyone) then happy to help....
  • added :)
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    Hi Paul,
    Climbing the Andes was an incredible feat and I think you need to give yourself another attainable goal...whether it be short or long term...if you have something to shoot for you will start feeling more motivation and you've given yourself an incentive!
    I think you are doing great and need to keep going...I found since I've been on MFP that the encouragement and support I have been given has helped me tremendously:smile:
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    You really are doing a great job. I wish you continued success. You can add me if you like.
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    OK now that I'm settled I need some advice. I work two jobs, I work full time (7.30am - 4.30pm) and then run my own business (5pm - 9pm most Monday to Thursday). I am finding it impossible to do any exercise during the week. But have started playing squash (racket ball) on a Friday and Saturday along with a little swimming and gyming over the weekend too.

    Is it OK to cram the exercise into the weekend? Obviously I know it would be better to spread it out over the week but I can't seem to find the time!
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    You are going great, man ! Feel free to add me if you like for mutual support & motivation !! Any one serious & regular on MFP can add me :)
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    Welcome Paul,

    Seems like what you are doing nutrion wise is working with the current activity your doing. And of course having more time to workout during the week would be ideal. I believe, not knowing you exact fitness activity besides what you menitoned, you could benefit from a fullbody workout. Something similar to 5X5 program.

    Squats, Deadlifts, Military Press, Rows, Pullups/Pulldowns, and Bench Press. 5 sets 5 reps with a good tempo. This with the swimming and racketball should help you drop weight/burn fat while increasing your strength.

    Feel free to add me if.