Fascinating Information on "Naturally Thin" People, Genetics

I came across this article today:


I had mixed emotions about it. I find it a little bit discouraging, but then at the same time it made me feel better about my struggle to lose weight. I have long believed my body had a "set point" as this article argues and now I wonder if I'm not trying too hard to fight it. I also know that I can become psychological about eating instead of just eating when hungry. I often plan meals around times instead of around hunger.

Also, I was really interested in the part about studies that suggest people have different genetic predispositions towards things like fat-intake or carbohydrate-intake. I think I might be one of those people who has a genetic predisposition to gaining weight from carbohydrates, as I've had far greater success in the past from diets that were carb-restricting rather than calorie-counting.

Anyway, just thought I'd post and see what all you other MFPers think!


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    I read it all and it seemed a bit one sided. I mean towards eating habits. Whilst they did mention that the 'skinny' people didn't do any structure exercise, it didn't mention anything about their daily life - whether they had energetic hobbies or a job which required lots of moving around. I would imagine, too, that if the skinny people who said they indulged in rubbish food actually didn't do ANY exercise, their bodies must've been really unhealthy so the outward image of them (i.e. size 6 and so on) probably didn't look as good as a size 12 person who had a healthy intake of food and a healthy dose of exercise/activity.

    Finally, it was a little unfair to bring Sienna Miller (or any other actors, for that matter) because they work extremely hard and are on their feet a lot of the day, burning calories. It's just like I don't realise that two hours of walking around town burns about 400 calories which is a good meal in my case. They probably burn much more than that so their intake of apparently unhealthy food doesn't really matter.
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    I posted my reply in my blog so that I wouldn't forget what I wanted to say so I'll C&P it back

    I've always been a bit sceptical over articles like this; I think people are trying to put too much science behind weight-loss, which always ends up with conflicting evidence that can be very confusing for people, especially those that are just starting out on their weight loss journey. The problem with them quoting “studies” in articles is that they never provide all of the findings – Just the ones that go along with the point of the article. I mean, inmates gaining weight for early-release is hardly representative of the average person who is trying to lose weight for more personal motivation. Also, 25% increased body weight is a LOT to ask if they have restricted exercise and so can’t work on muscle gain (no wonder it never stuck!).

    Anyway, they’re my criticisms. I do personally believe that people have a “natural” weight. I believe that it is partly genetics – It has to be to explain why when you are watching professional sports there is always one who is just as good as the rest, but clearly larger. I think that it is mostly determined by the level of activity, very active people are naturally thinner and they (generally) eat better because they understand that what goes into their body is fuel for their activity – not some emotional crutch!

    Also, like the article says, I think “naturally thin” people have less emotional connections to food. They have other ways to deal with their problems rather than dipping into a tub of ice cream. I don’t believe that the Hollywood actresses that claim they “eat what they want” actually do. I think they allow themselves everything in moderation – which is something we all need to learn to do.
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    hmmm I just read it and I think that the celebrities that SAY they can eat what they like are talking bollox :-) I used to be thin, and did eat without thinking about it, BUT I ate when I was hungry, often skipped meal and also left food on my plate. I was busy and did more, although I did not exercise worth a damn, I occasionally went to the gym, occasionally swam etc. I also had 3 small children and that is a lot of exercise! I was here there and everywhere, I walked a lot just pushing the pram/buggy and I also was up and down stairs etc.

    I notice that Nicole Kidman says she can eat what she likes, and yet the caterer who fed her disputed this and said the opposite. That woman who is a mum and was into her pre baby clothes list of food is silly and not a real list of what she eats. Also I started to gain weight when I hit my 30's. and it is then that your metabolic rate catches you out. I bet if we followed Sienna Millar around (although why would we want to) we would see that she eats little and exercises lots almost all the time and occasionally eats a big meal or two.

    I know that I have lost weight by cutting what goes into my mouth and by doing a bit more exercise. You don't see many fat people in poor countries.

    I think that some people do find it easier, some people do have a higher metabolic rate etc. But that changes when we eat badly and do little and soon it doesn't work Worth a damn. I know that I will have to work hard to continue with my weight loss, I know that my body gets used to the calories and so I need to up what I do if I want to lose, but I don't kid myself about what I eat, I don't count walking round the shops as exercise and I don't get too stressed if I don't lose weight one week.