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So tonight I'm going to a Korean restaurant with a friend (Mirror of Korea - http://www.mirrorofkorea.com/). However, it's not a chain store so they don't have any nutritional information and I don't know anything about Korean food. I've tried looking up a few of the entree names and they don't seem to be in MFP, and I won't know much about what's in them beyond what the menu tells me (Ex: vegetables and rice noodles). I don't have any idea how I'm going to log this, but I really want to try this restaurant as it's my friend's favorite and it seems, overall, to be healthier than other options.

So, the real question: How do I log my calories for this?


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    Thank you for the reply! I've only been to the restaurant once, but that was before I started trying to lose weight. Maybe I'll give the Bi Bim Bob a try!
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    I eat Korean food often (homemade more than restaurants since my mom is from Korea and is a great cook.) There are actually a lot of Korean dishes here in the MFP database, but there are definitely spelling variations. If you just put "Korean" in the search area, it will pull up a lot of dishes. Sometimes I use the these entries, or if they seem off, I break it down by ingredient as close as possible. The main issue with Korean food is that it's sodium-laden, as are most Asian cuisines.
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    Can't go wrong with hot pot :smile: :smile:
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    I love Korean food, and have a Banh Mi at least 3 times per week for lunch. Bulgogi is a rarer treat, but wonderful. Pho is AMAZING. I've been able to find entries here for everything I eat and haven't had any problems with my weight loss, so I assume they're at least reasonably accurate.
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    i love me some Bulgogi
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    i love me some Bulgogi

    We have a local Korean food truck. They do all Korean food in Mexican format. It's fantastic. They have a Bulgogi burrito and a Bulgogi torta that are phenomenal!
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    Most Korean food cones with lots of side dishes called Pan Chan every restautrant serves different types but most are vegetables and over 1/2 can be classed as kimchi or kimchee (depends on who's spelling it) kimchi can be spicy or sour some but not all are fermented. As one poster already mentioned if you search *Korean* in the data base it will bring up the list.

    They have loads of great healthy soups and chicken dishes. Their beef dish called Bulgogi is YUMMY. You can wrap it in lettuce with rice onion cooked garlice & bean paste VERY good & healthy just go easy on the white rice. They also offer a pork version called SAM GYUP SAL Stay AWAY it is pork belly & although yummy it is LOADED with fat

    Side note. I eat a lot of Korean food (Korean wife) I have found other sites to get the nutrition info and then just hand jammed the calories into MFP
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    you could add generic user created entries. They will not be exact, but at least you will be approximately there.