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fruit and veggies

ok so don't have alot of money for food every week,and fruit is pretty high priced so I cant always buy it and when I do I get things like "v-8 fruit fusion,fresh cut fruit,and fruit cups" which isn't a lot..and as far as veggies I don't get hardly any of them...unless im having some for dinner.any suggestions?


  • Francl27
    Francl27 Posts: 26,371 Member
    Frozen veggies?
  • Katie_a_Mae_zing
    It is actually cheaper to buy unprocessed (whole) fruits.

    Also, the fruit drinks and such will KILL your sugar levels. Stay away from them. It takes a little more work but plan before you go shopping. Safeway has a ton of killer deals and also does the "just for u" savings app so you can save on what YOU buy.

    Veggies I suggest buying things like carrots or broccoli and snacking when you feel hungry. Also, make sure you're getting enough water. Mostly out of nowhere hunger comes from actually being thirsty.

    Hope that helps!
  • blurppp
    Yes!! ^^^^^^ Especially if you shop Kroger (from another of your threads), sometimes they'll throw their frozen veggies on sale for .77 or .88 cents a bag. I'd get on their website to check. Not sure where you're located but my store also has lettuces on sale for .99 cents a head. Then I also buy whatever I find on "managers special." Got a bunch of taco shells last week for .15 cents a box, they thought were crushed but were perfectly fine. Key with buying not so healthy stuff on sale, is portion control if you're trying to loose weight.
  • jaygreen55
    jaygreen55 Posts: 315 Member
    Apples and pears are in season (a bumper crop) Surely they would be cheaper than prepared fruit cups. Same with bananas

    Frozen berries are relatively inexpensive and are great when blended with milk and/or yogurt to make a smoothie. Add some protein powder and you have a great meal replacement. Also great with oatmeal or pancakes for breakfast
  • FrauHaas2013
    FrauHaas2013 Posts: 615 Member
    Is there a farmer's market where you live? Sometimes we go there - we can usually pick up tons of fresh veggies and fruits, and if you go a little later, they are almost always willing to throw something in for a deal...for instance, there was one stand that had bags of spinach leaves, spring salad mix, and romaine hearts. So I picked up 5 bags and she said, "Hey, let's go ahead and make it 6 bags." She didn't even charge me anything extra. It's less for them to have to lug home after the farmer's market!

    And if you have the time to go often, a lot of fruit places and some grocers will have 99 cents bags of ripe fruit that they need to get rid of. You'd have to use it within the next day or two, but I've gotten really good deals on grapes like this before.

    And go outside the norm; often times ethnic markets (for me, that would be Mexican or Chinese) are MUCH cheaper than your chain grocery stores.
  • Moriarty_697
    Moriarty_697 Posts: 226 Member
    The biggest thing that makes fruit and veggies expensive is paying for someone to do the cutting and cleaning you can do yourself. With a little bit of time, a knife and some resealable containers, you can save yourself a lot of money over the packaged stuff. Other than that, shop around a little and look at the house brands. Many of the house brand products are actually quite tasty in addition to being cheaper than the name brands.