What was your lunch?



  • Greek salad with slice of garlic toast.
  • BlueEyedGirl2013
    BlueEyedGirl2013 Posts: 15 Member
    rolled up turkey slices, brown rice and brussel sprouts with vinegar (:
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,879 Member
    leftovers...pan seared pork tenderloin with dark chocolate, port wine, and cherry sauce with some mashed taters. steamed some broccoli because I ate all of the chanterelle mushrooms already.
  • glassgallm
    glassgallm Posts: 276 Member
    large romaine salad with 3 oz shrimp, 4 oz fresh pineapple, 1 shredded carrot and 2 Tablesp. lite raspberry vinaigrette dressing.
  • Ejourneys
    Ejourneys Posts: 1,603 Member
    My usual huge salad: 1 head iceberg lettuce + 1 can tongol tuna (no salt added) + homemade dressing (extra-virgin olive oil, vinegar, garlic powder, paprika), plus a cup of Guayaki Mate Chocolatte tea = 465 calories, 17g carbs, 29g fat, 41g protein, 760 mg potassium, 204 mg sodium.
  • jayrudq
    jayrudq Posts: 503 Member
    After not eating for 18 hours: an apple. Black bean and shrimp soup for dinner with salad. And wine and dessert if I want it.
  • romancefan1983
    romancefan1983 Posts: 88 Member
    Leftover turkey chili. Will be my dinner too LOL
  • tinamariecleg
    tinamariecleg Posts: 99 Member
    Progresso Light soup and a few crackers.
  • randomtai
    randomtai Posts: 9,003 Member
    Bacon cheddar burger with sauteed onions and sweet potato fries.
  • floproactiv
    floproactiv Posts: 2 Member
    Leftover sausage ragu with bulgar wheat, peppers and cherry tomatoes, plus an apple and two mini babybel.

    I've only just discovered bulgar wheat, I'm in love already.
  • Trilby16
    Trilby16 Posts: 707 Member
    On Sunday I made a pot of Spicy Lentil Carrot Stew and brought about 10 oz. of that for my lunch at work. Good stuff.
  • dxm2
    dxm2 Posts: 4
    Today, after my lunch walk, I had 3 oz of roasted chicken thigh, 4 strawberries and 1 oz of marinated cashews.
  • the other half of turkey club from yesterday's brunch and about 7-8 french fries.
  • brokenlogic18
    brokenlogic18 Posts: 16 Member
    Tomato and mozzarella on a bed of spinach with a drizzle of pesto was the main event, mmm, surprisingly so filling! Then a red blush pear, apple, banana and a handful of grapes. Cannot get enough of lovely fresh fruit at the minute!
  • ThePlight
    ThePlight Posts: 3,593 Member
    Goodness, I haven't had lunch yet! But, thank you for reminding me :)
    ETA: Having a mean protein shake loaded with fruit <3.
  • TX_Rhon
    TX_Rhon Posts: 1,549 Member
    Bacon cheddar burger with sauteed onions and sweet potato fries.

    You win!! I have smoked turkey and grilled zucchini. Just snacked on a Fiber One bar cuz I'm hungry!!
  • bcattoes
    bcattoes Posts: 17,299 Member
    Today I had no leftovers so just brought apple slices and roasted garlic hummus.
  • trisH_7183
    trisH_7183 Posts: 1,486 Member
    Deli cold cut...1 slice on 2 slices of Sara Lee honey wheat bread with 1 TBL of light mayo & lots of lettuce. Serving of LF chips,iced tea,no sugar.
  • BlueBombers
    BlueBombers Posts: 4,065 Member
    Leftover perogies with turkey bacon and garlic sausage
  • pita7317
    pita7317 Posts: 1,437 Member
    Open face turkey/provolone sandwich. 1/4 cup baked beans