getting RE-started AND trying for a baby :)

So, I've gotten off track for a little while and gained a couple of pounds (but I know how fast those couple pounds can grow) so I'm back at it, starting today - back on my elliptical - cutting the coffee (cream and sugar with a little coffee ), mt. dew and sweets back down.
BUT this time around is a little different - my husband and I are officially trying to have a baby (went off birth control almost 6 months ago) so I have to work out and eat the possibility of pregnancy in mind.
I'm not really trying to lose weight at this point, just get back to exercise and healthy eating habits. I'm told that using the elliptical is okay for 20 minutes at a time only, in order to keep your core body temperature from going too high.
I'm not pregnant yet (that I know of) but I know that it can happen at any time, so I want to be careful about that!
Any advice on eating/exercising while pregnant, or other pregnancy advice is appreciated, as this is all going to be new to me.


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    Welcome back and good luck in your journey. x
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    Welcome and good luck with baby. You're right, as long as you don't get too hot, all will be fine. Generally you can continue what you've been doing in pregnancy so now IS the time to start... so you can keep on going.

    Drink Lots of water. Are you tracking cycles? Friend and PM me if you want to chat there.....
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    Oh yay! I'm trying for a baby too. While I want to lose a total of 40 pounds I'm in good enough physical condition right now to be able to safely carry a baby in a healthy way. I am actually upping my intensity of my workouts so that when I do get pregnant I can remain very active and still run etc - even if it's at a slower pace. SO different strategies here, but I'm excited to read your post.

    I'm not sure who told you to keep the core body temperature down but I'm sure there are lots of different strategies - and not everyone will agree with mine. And that's OK :) Do what works.

    Make sure you take Folic Acid if you haven't started already. Your first trimester you actually don't need to intake any additional calories. I do recommend eating as healthy as you can the whole time - from now until after you deliver and breastfeed if that's what you do. I was terribly unhealthy for my first pregnancy and do not wish to repeat that. Stay active when pregnant, too - even if it is just walking. You will be glad you did.

    Good luck!!
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    I just had a baby girl in May and I was doing a boot camp(very intense high calorie burn) class twice a week before I got pregnant. I continued to do my class through almost my entire pregnancy. I made it to 34 weeks. I had high blood pressure with my first and had to be induced. This time around I was perfectly healthy and had absolutely no issues. It is actually recomended that if you were working out before you got pregant that you keep going.

    The bonus of all that working out was that I started back to boot camp when my baby was 6 weeks old and I am already back down to my pre pregnancy weight. It took 18 months for me to loose the weight the first time.

    Feel free to friend request me and ask me any questions.
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    A maternity-oriented multi-vitamin daily, if you're not already doing so. It has the folic acid as mentioned by another poster, great to have this level healthy at time of conception & thru development of baby. I would agree with the staying active all the way through, not necessarily intense, but INTENTIONAL, to keep up the healthy lifestyle.
  • Thanks! I have taken a multivitamin for quite a while now, and switched to prenatal vitamins at the advice of my doctor several months ago (when we decided we would be trying for a baby) I have been tracking my cycles (they were irregular for a couple months from being on birth control for so long, the doctor said that was completely normal) and they now seem to be regular, so it's just a matter of waiting to see if it's happened yet.
    It is very important for me to track my food now and make sure I am getting the right amount of everything... the vitamin covers most, but the thing I really have to watch is calcium, my vitamins have I think 15% and I do have calcium supplements, but I don't take them all the time. I don't drink milk, so I do try to get calcium in other ways, but I really want to do this all in a healthy way!
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    I'm not pregnant (or trying), but I was doing a lot of reading about running-for-women and pregnancy was not surprisingly discussed a lot. There's a fair amount of literature on maintaining a running routine during pregnancy, so I *am* surprised by the 20 minute limit on the elliptical.

    A quick search -

    From the Mayo Clinic: "[If] you exercised before pregnancy. You can probably continue to work out at the same level while you're pregnant — as long as you're feeling comfortable and your health care provider says it's OK."

    Of course, that's all up to you and your healthcare provider, not some stranger on the internet with casual research interests!

    Good luck with the trying-to-get-pregnant!
  • I was told that it's because the baby cannot regulate their body temperature, so you have to make sure your core temperature doesn't go above 101 degrees for more than 10 min, or it could harm the baby. I suppose you could just check the temperature every so often, and assume that you would know it if you were overheating. The best part about working out at home is that I just strip down if I start getting hot!
  • I was working out two-a-day style and training for a half marathon when I got pregnant for my child (a total surprise after 4 years of infertility). I was told by my doctor that I could continue with my routine as long as I felt ok. I did start having significant cramping at 8 weeks so I had to stop running but was able to keep walking. Prior to the cramping my doctor was encouraging about continuing training too. So it sounds like you need to continue to talk to your doctor about what is appropriate for your situation.
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    if you dont even know that you are pregnant no need to worry about core temp. work out as long and as hard as you want. i was doing a boot camp style class when i got pregnant with my daughter. i knew something was up because i was suddenly feeling winded and could barely keep up anymore. just eat good get exercise and deal with the pregnancy when it happens. no need to reduce workout intensities or time if you dont want to.