MOVIES! Any that make you WANT to work out? :)



  • Will_Thrust_For_Candy
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    Flashdance and Rocky!
  • lil_lizt
    lil_lizt Posts: 275 Member
    Stick It :laugh: yes it's a lame gymnastics movie but it makes me want to get moving.

    I like that film lol

    For me it's the sex and the city movies as I want a body like them!
  • sami_83
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    Stick It :laugh: yes it's a lame gymnastics movie but it makes me want to get moving.

    I like that film lol

    Haha me too, it makes me laugh. "Dogs are people too, Haley."
  • Hezzietiger1
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    Forest Gump makes me wanna play ping pong, lol! Is that working out?
  • loneaffliction
    loneaffliction Posts: 81 Member
    Haywire with Gina Carano

    THIS! The things that woman can do with her body. Everything I aspire to be...and drool over.

    Also, definitely the aforementioned zombie movies/shows, particularly The Walking Dead. I have to think, however improbable it may seem, about how I would survive in any kind of post-apocalyptic world. On foot, traveling for miles a day, with or without predators chasing you.

    Rocky, Fight Club, Million Dollar Baby are good ones.

    And anything with kung fu or MMA fighting. I would love to have that kind of strength and agility one day.
  • archoo_letsdothis
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    Enough..with Jennifer Lopez...made me take a Krav Maga class!
    Wow, just creeped your profile. You do not look your age, you look like you can kick some serious butt (and totally look 25, btw).

    I did too after reading your post and OMG, lady!! You are not fifty! are you ? whoa! I only wish I look 50% of that atleast when I hit 50. woo!
  • ThePlight
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    Bumping, want to know from others as well :)
  • Kevalicious99
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    Risky Business ... choo choo trains !!.
  • NaeNaeJanae
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    Armageddon, Speed, Matrix...Action movies!!
  • She_Hulk
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    Kill Bill. Uma Thurman totally kicked a#@ in that movie AND looked great while doing it!
  • Any of the rocky movies, 300 always an adrenaline rush, and The Expendables is pretty motivating, plus i usually need to burn off all that butter popcorn :)