Weight Lifting Shoes in Crossfit

Hello! So, I've been considering weight lifting shoes for a while because I lift a bit better with an elevated heal (small weights under my heals), but the stability isn't there. My coach recommended I invest in a pair of lifting shoes because it can only help make me a better lifter.

SO... what I don't want to hear is that I should just lift barefoot or in a pair of chucks. I have a pair of super flat Inov-8's that I love for Crossfit, but I want something different to improve my lifts.

What I do want to hear is reviews and recommendations for lifting shoes! I know the rebok ones are pretty popular - how true are they to size? I was also intrigued by the new Inov-8 lifting shoes because they are light weight and versitile enough to use throughout your whole workout - but also not sure if that's the best thing. And that's all I really know about lifting shoes. I don't want to pay $400 for a pair (I know they can get up that high!)... prefer $150AUD or less!

Any advise is appreciated! :)


  • CyberEd312
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    Well nothing wrong with chuck's (I have them), there is quite a few people that use them or old school converse..... I personally lift in Komodosport LS Vibram's and have been for the past couple years.... I prefer the barefoot feel of having my toes firmly on the ground.... Beyond that I have not tried any other shoes... Best of Luck
  • Leadfoot_Lewis
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    It really comes down to how much lifting you're going to be doing vs other exercises. A true weightlifting like the Nike Romaleos (which I lift in) are awesome lifting shoes but you don't want to be doing anything in them where you have to flex your foot eg box jumps because they're too stiff. A nice compromise might be something like the Reebok's or the Inov Fastlift.
  • joan_kin87
    hi im ne to thsite and tried putting in my wod for the day under my work out and a lot the drills I did arnt popping up how I fix this? I bought Saucony Ursin TR fr cross traing and they help me a lot have great grip and haven't had trouble with lifting weights they are very comfortable too