Breakfast Burrito (330 Cals)

I love this recipe, and it can all be done in the microwave!

1 Large Egg
1 South Beach Diet Whole Wheat Tortilla
2 oz black forrest ham
1 slice tilamook medium cheddar cheese (the pre sliced stuff)

1. Spray a medium sized bowl down with pam spray.
2. Crack 1 large egg into it and beat it up.
3. Cook on High for 1 minute.
4. Layer the Ham and cheese on top of the Egg.
5. Cook on High for 15 second intervals until the cheese is melted and the Ham Hot.
6. Carefully scoop it out into your tortilla shell, roll it up and enjoy!

330 calories, 28 Carbs, 19 Grams fat, 26 Grams protein


  • ChristieisReady
    ChristieisReady Posts: 708 Member
    I don't know how I feel about eggs in the microwave, but other than that, this sounds awesome! And a great platform for getting some veggies in with pico de gallo!
  • sarahwright01
    sarahwright01 Posts: 229 Member
    Yes you are right about the veggies! I add pico de gallo often. Other times, I will eat this only, and then grab a couple fruit servings for snack.

    Trust me I was so skeptical about eggs in the microwave, BUT it works! It is especially good with Egg Beaters. I used to work for a bagel shop, and this was how we cooked our eggs for the breakfast sandwich. It is also the way that MANY fast food joints cook their eggs.... give it a try :wink:

    Thanks for the reply and the reminder about pico de gallo!