This cheered me up! 60 lbs Gone (pics)

So I was feeling a little down this week. It will be two years this coming November since I began taking control and working to get comfortable and happy with myself. But the past two month has been very slow in the losing department even though I have been doing everything right. I know sometimes that's just how it goes. But I did finally hit 60 lbs down this week. I was reading a post today. A guy posted a great before and after photo but was feeling down about his progress. I told him he needed to dig up all the awful before photos he could find and that it would help him remember how far he has come. After I thought....hmmm maybe I need to do here it is. I have 40 more to go to be within my healthy weight, but 60 is worth celebrating.

Start weight : 263lb, Nov 2, 2011
Current: 203lb
Height 5' 6.5"



  • zombie_meg
    zombie_meg Posts: 149 Member
    Congratulations! You look awesome!
  • bahls24
    bahls24 Posts: 32 Member
    This is worth celebrating !!!! You look FAB!!!
  • mdj1501
    mdj1501 Posts: 392 Member
    This is worth celebrating for sure!! Wow girl.. own that progress! Also... gotta love the light in your eyes in the after pics! :flowerforyou:
  • sbro32
    sbro32 Posts: 130 Member
    Looking great!! Wonderful job!
  • ummommyme
    ummommyme Posts: 362 Member
    Love the baby-sooo cute! And you are absolutely gorgeous:)
  • phoebejeeby
    phoebejeeby Posts: 62 Member
    That little cutie is my no baby weight excuse for me :(

    And thanks!
  • MermaidTX
    MermaidTX Posts: 352 Member
    Great job! Congratulations!
  • discoveredamber
    discoveredamber Posts: 379 Member
    You have done an amazing job!!! Keep it up.
  • Congrats.... I'm hoping to let go of 60 lbs myself and seeing your pic and reading your story makes me wanna push on... Thanks and keep up the good work :)
  • Chris_B62
    Chris_B62 Posts: 63 Member
    You have made a remarkable transformation! You give us all strength and encouragement to continue on with our quest.
  • jennz81
    jennz81 Posts: 194 Member
    Well done. :) Just keep working hard. :)
  • jennifer_417
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  • munchie3511
    munchie3511 Posts: 64 Member
    Wow, that's amazing! Congratulations! Keep it up!
  • silenceinspace
    silenceinspace Posts: 142 Member
    Wow! Incredible progress. You look great! Keep up the hard work!
  • BonitaMay79
    BonitaMay79 Posts: 57 Member
    It sure is worth celebrating! Congrats! You look fab. You should be smiling in your pics tough. :) We all seem to plateau at some point. (Been there and slowing getting myself out!) Maybe try changing up your exercise routine. Good luck and keep up the great work!
  • 60 lbs is fantastic, great job !! i'm 64 years old and up and down with my weight, lost 108 lbs and retired and managed to put 50 lbs back on, finding it difficult not being active at work, still walking Mt. Rubidoux on a consistent basis but have to push myself more.
  • Naomi0504
    Naomi0504 Posts: 964 Member
    You really look great, way to go!! This is awesome progress :smile:
  • mizpoke
    mizpoke Posts: 171 Member
    Fantastic! You look great :)
  • lighteningjeanne855
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    A sixty-pound loss looks GOOD on you, my dear! :flowerforyou:
    Best Wishes for the rest of the Weight-Loss Journey! :drinker:
  • srogers89
    srogers89 Posts: 190 Member
    So worth celebrating! You look fabulous!