Strength Training While Eating at a Deficit

I've read several times that you cannot gain muscle while eating at a deficit. If this is the case, what are the benefits of doing strength training while trying to lose weight?

I currently do four 30 min sessions of strength exercises per week with a trainer. I also walk at a 3.5 to 4 mi pace for 45 mins several times a week for my cardio. I do notice a difference in my flexibility which is great.

I read some articles about how women who want to lose a significant amount of weight should add in strength training, but I don't remember the reasoning behind this.



  • Strength Training while eating at a deficit preserves muscle mass which prevents the metabolism from slowing down.It will make your body look good once you have lost all the weight.
  • Exactly what fitbulky said. I, too, was "skinny fat" and began a strength training/interval program last year. I also simultaneously cleaned up my diet which created a deficit. 10 months later my body looks almost as good as it did when I was 18. Sure, I probably haven't gained much muscle mass, but I have dramatically improved my strength, decreased my body fat percentage, and lost inches (of flab) in the process.