Progress pic

I was looking through some pics on my phone memory and realized I had this "before" picture from about a year ago. So I decided to wear the same jeans and shirt today to see the difference. Ignore my hair and makeup in the second pic, I took time out from getting dressed to take this picture!

I still have a goal that I am working on. It has more to do with body composition, than weight loss though. Since I am now at my lowest adult weight ever, I guess I can consider it a success.

Sorry if this pic turns out humongous, I am still learning how to post them.


  • rushfive
    rushfive Posts: 603 Member
    Awesome !!!!
    I love success stories/ photo. They are so motivating.
    You are doing great !!!!!! and looking amazing.
  • qtgonewild
    qtgonewild Posts: 1,930 Member
    lovely. great job.
  • tindy5799
    tindy5799 Posts: 221 Member
    you look great!!! the hard work shows :)

    how tall are you? just for reference. My UGW is around 135.
  • happydreamy
    happydreamy Posts: 44 Member
    You look fantastic! Congrats! :flowerforyou:
  • impartialbystander
    That's a proud comparison. :)

    Those pictures are super-motivating. Way to set goals and stick with them!
  • gracielynn1011
    gracielynn1011 Posts: 726 Member
    Thanks all. To the poster who asked, I am 5' 5". I told myself a year ago that I would have a success story eventually, so don't give up on yourself!
  • mrsamanda86
    mrsamanda86 Posts: 869 Member
    Looking great, awesome job!
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