deflated boobs

kelsully Posts: 1,008 Member TMI but most of us out there probably know what I am talking about...LOL
I have successfully lost the weight I gained over ten years having 4 kids. I always got down to a pretty healthy weight after the pregnancies but never quite all the way down...held on to 10-15 (ok maybe closer to 20) Before I had kids I was about the size I am now, after the kids I was about the size I was in HS and anyways...when I got down to my fighting weight so to speak my boobs totally deflated. I went from a nice rack to saggy things. I already do chest exercises (press and incline press) pushups and any sort of thing I can think of in the pool on water workout day...
ANY ADVICE to reinflate the boobs...that is without the surgery?


  • mine did the same thing I used to be a perky 34b gained a lot of weight lost it and had 36dd longs, if you find anything that works please let me know, I do pec exercises and can still make the top parts jiggle without moving but the part that hangs where the aereola and stuff are just sad
  • Need advice on this one as well.....It's Hello Weight Loss...Good Bye Boobs!! :tongue:
  • maybe an herbal... ? haven't tried it myself YET but looking into it.
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    Nope. Not gonna happen. It's stretched skin and stretched breast tissue. Just wear a great bra - they'll still be fantastic :smile:

    (Mine are still 36 DDD ... I can only imagine what they'll look like in 50+ pounds more gone)
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    It is very normal to loose the "boobies'.. They are pretty much fat..
    In addition to exercise & swimming, there are some natural products out there that help with keeping them firm and keeping your cup size.. Of course anything natural takes time but it is better than anything else.
    one of my friends is doing the following and she seems to see improvments: (i am waiting to see:smile: )
    1. Using Fenugreek extract,

    2. massage the breast itself each evening with circles going toward the center of the chest (so clockwise circles for the left breast and counterclockwise circles for the right breast). Massage for 100 circles, then reapply another half dropper of extract for another 100 circles, and finally another half dropper for the last 100 circles. So a total of 300 circles for each breast.

    3. and using a wild yam extract in the am seems to help.

    hope this helps..
    to your health
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    Sorry to say, ladies, but it's a fact of life. Breast tissue gets less dense as you age (which is why mammograms are not recommended for younger women--they can see anything!) and since the "between the breast tissue" part of the breast is fat, when you lose the extra fat, well, you sag. All the exercise you can do works the pecs behind the breast tissue (which, at least, can make you look better in clothes), but you can't exercise breast tissue. Skin can sometimes take a year to completely shrink after weight loss, so that might help a little.

    On the plus side, you're healthier and overall look much better than before.
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    I'm guessing your guys still love you, especially with the slimming new bods! :wink:

    Mine loved me when I lost both breasts. He still loves me now that my 'breasts' are made of abdominal skin, muscle, and fat (do not do the Double TRAM, by the way), with tatoos to simulate the nipples.

    We are all beautiful women. :drinker: (water)
  • There isn't anything that I know that will reinflate your "boobs" other than regaining weight or breast implants.

    If mine look to bad when I finish loosing weight I may consider a breast lift. I've lost 20 pounds and they've started sagging already. I have about 70 or so more pounds to go. Who knows what they will look like then :smile:
  • Well, I guess that I have been lucky so far....................I grew mine at age 30 when I gained all of my that I have lost almost 40 lbs, they are still a 38C and the ladies are not pointing! PS - I do work out:laugh:
  • Push ups push ups push ups!!! Helps get them perky again!!
  • Blame genetics :)