65+ lady looking for friends that are supportive

Hi, I have been on MFP since last January and I have just today cleaned out my friends list again . I have had and removed about 50 different people and am now down to 4 truly supportive friends. I am on everyday, I try to make comments on each of my friend's posts at least once a day and try to give positive as well as supportive comments. If you go over once in a while I am ok with that, I am far from perfect , but if I see a pattern I will mention it. I always explain to my friends at the beginning that if they are AWOL for more then 3 days I remove them unless they let me know ahead of time.
If you are really serious about your journey I would like to add you to my list. I don't care if you are old, young , need to loose or gain, or just trying to maintain as long as you have a goal. Thanks ! .