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Hi everybody

Hi! I am new here. My friend has an account so I started up too last week. Apparently I have been a member since January 2013, but I don't remember starting it up. I have used Sparkpeople in the past, but I wanted to give this a try. I am 38. I am married, and I have two sons, ages 16 and 7. I work from home full-time. I am pretty busy.

I always start a fitness/weight loss program, and I never complete it. Every time I start a new one, I have more to lose, so I am really going to give it my all this time. Strangely enough, everytime I get the fitness bug, it seems to be in the fall, so once wnter hits, it gets tougher (I live in Minnesota). Currently, today, I have about 32 pounds to lose. I am doing 30 Day Shred (completed Day 5 Level 1 today). I also walk and try and do stairs and bursts of cardio throughout the day. On days I cannot walk outside, I will jog in place, march in place, Zumba or just dance on my own, and I also try and throw some strenghtening exercises in there throughout the day or mix all of that up. I have a FitBit One that I use and really like, but I will also be using a Polar FT7 soon (ordered) because I wanted a really accurate calorie burn. I am trying to really accurately track all my food and exercise. Would love more friends to keep myself motivated. I have managed to get through the 30DS by reading other threads for motivation every day. I am not a very active at posting yet, but I am trying to ramp that up a bit.