protein vegetarian issue

okay so i am not a vegetarian but this past year i dunno if its because o dropped weight and gained some back or maybe something os wrong with my stomach but protein doesnt agree with me anymore... everytime i eat chicken steak etc my stomach hurts a couple bites in... there r some meat i can eat which is turkey slices and beans... well getting to the point because of my new diet i have noticed that i lack energy more than usual... does protein really give u that much energy? and if thats true how tdo vegetarians do it?


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    Go see a doctor.
  • I am a veggie and the only reason I lacked energy was due to low iron levels and get my protein from various none meat sources..

    However.. it sounds like something is disagreeing with you - So rather than let MFP play Dr I'd say go see your local Doc and/or try removing certain foods from your diet and/or adding different foods in to increase your energy levels..
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    Go see a doctor
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    I am with the others^^^^^^ you NEED to get that checked out.
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    Protein isn't your body's first choice for an energy source - carbohydrates (blood glucose) is. Protein can be an energy source, but it is much harder for your body to get energy from it than it is from carbs.

    Think of it (in simplified terms) like this:
    - Carbs = fuel
    - Protein = muscle & tissue builder/repairer
    - Fats = essential
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    In terms of vegetarians getting protein, there are plenty of good sources. eg the following, to name some of them:

    Eggs, Whey, Greek yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Milk, Mozarella, Plant-based protein powder (RawFusion), Seitan, Mushrooms, Spinach, Nutitional Yeast, Tofu, Edamame, Lentils, Beans, Kale, Hemp Seeds, Quinoa, Peas, Pumpkin/Sunflower/Chia seeds, Casein, Rice powder

    In terms of your stomach seemingly not being able to tolerate protein, you should definitely get that checked out as already suggested.

    There could be many reasons for your lack of energy too. A couple of possible ones that stick out to me are vitamin B12 or iron deficiency - cutting out meat could result in either of those.