Cereal suggestions please

curds Posts: 201 Member

I love a quick and easy breakfast, which usually means porridge, now I need help with which ones are good for you. Yes, I read the label, but companies are tricky.

So any suggestions on ones? I love grainy/baby porridge lol.


ps: Yes I eat eggs on occasion, but I prefer porridge.


  • emilyisbonkers
    emilyisbonkers Posts: 373 Member
    I love shreddies and they have a lot of fibre
  • curds
    curds Posts: 201 Member
    I love shreddies and they have a lot of fibre

    We don't have shreddies here so international brands please
  • Charliejl82
    So eat porridge...?
  • smallbutcurvy
    add raw cocoa powder, dates, chopped banana, and or ground nuts/ flaxseeds etc to rolled oats, add water, milk , or anon dairy milk substitute and microwave for quickness. Delicious and very healthy!
  • Ldbg289
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    I don't eat cold cereal but maybe once in a blue moon. I usually stick with hot cereal(except cream of wheat, I hate cream of wheat haha).
  • Hannah_Hopes
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    I'm not a cereal person but I've just found 'harvest morn - maple and pecan crunch' from aldi (UK) and love it so now I'm back on breakfast - if you're not in UK bran cereal is pretty good :smile:
  • mortuseon
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    ...bircher muesli? It's sort of porridge, but sort of not.
  • bingefreeaubree
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    I love cereal. My favorite lower calorie types of cereal are: Original Cheerios, Multi-grain Cheerios, Rice Chex, Special K Red Berries.
  • KateK8LoseW8
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    I like Special K Protein Plus and Kashi GoLean original.
  • jess1992uga
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    Multi-grain cheerios (especially the PB kind)
    Kashi Go Lean Original
    Kashi Go Lean Crunch/Crip (higher cal though)
    Puffins Original or PB
    Rice Krispies with splenda
    Grape Nuts
    Fiber One (ANY of them, but love the 80 calorie and original)
    Kix Honey