Anyone in college?! Motivation and support

Let's be friends and motivate each other.
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  • tnpxx
    tnpxx Posts: 335 Member
    Sophomore here (:
    SW: 227
    CW: 206
    GW: 125

    I'll send you and add request!
  • Hi I just got started, I'm from South Africa and I'm doing my 1st year in university(I guess that makes me a freshman, I think, we have different names for it here). I need some motivation and support as well:smile:
  • _sam125
    _sam125 Posts: 14 Member
    im a 3rd year :) request sent!
  • chelstakencharge
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    I'm back in college but I'm way older than you.....that's what a pending divorce will do
  • okgal247
    okgal247 Posts: 68 Member
    Grad school :) with end in sight!

    SW: 145
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    GW: 135-->130
  • its_amyyy
    its_amyyy Posts: 12 Member
    I'm back in college too! Got a degree in general studies the first time around and now I'm finishing up a degree in dietetics. Feel free to add me as a friend if you'd like. :)
  • Currently a sophomore c:

    SW: 240
    CW- 208
    GW- 140
  • nortzk
    nortzk Posts: 4 Member
    sophmore here! nursing student.
    SW: 226
    CW: 205
    GW: 150
    anyone feel free to add me! we all need some support sometimes, especially when school is stressing us out!
  • rsdotson
    rsdotson Posts: 29 Member
    I'm a junior in college for psychology. :)
    Anyone can add me! The more motivation we can get and give, the better!
  • dstrugg
    dstrugg Posts: 4 Member
    Hey! I'm in grad finishing my Masters! But always nice to see Freshmen doing their thing university! Good luck to you and everyone else, I'll send some requests!
  • hashworth1
    hashworth1 Posts: 1 Member
    Junior studying psychology as well!
  • nikkylyn
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    Not the Online mostly. Mom to 3 kids ages 4,3,.and 1. Its a struggle find.time for hw kids life n sleep. Havent really worked out this.week kids all sick now im getting sick. Just spent hours today writing a paper. This is a week where i am just drained of every last oz of energy. But u know what u gotta push thru. It can be done. Yay!! Lol