Looking food diaries/inspiration for 1600 cals

So I have to up to 1600 calories but Im just lost what to do at lunch and dinner. Been told do bigger lunches but then in evenings Im lost. I can't eat lot of eggs due to skin conditions where I have to limit myself.

What does everyone else do? Had done so well over summer but lost my way and just need some help :(


  • Francl27
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    You can look at my diary, I've been around 1600/1700 the whole time.
  • jackielou867
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    if you don't have a lot of calories left just steam a few veggies and serve with lean meat fish or I use tofu because I don't eat meat, and I have even used cottage cheese. or you could stir fry. if you are in colder weather a nice soup and a slice of wholemeal bread. I made casseroles in the winter, lots of veg and no potato keeps the calories down, and if there's leftovers you have tomorrow's lunch sorted
  • TravelDog14
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    My diary is always open and I'm on 1650 calories. Have been in that ballpark calorie number for months so feel free to look at mine.
    I'm a pescetarian so no beef, chicken, lamb or similar, only seafood as my meat source.
    Also I get a majority of my calories from what I snack on constantly during the day, so my way of eating may not work for people who just do three meals a day.
  • CatAMcC
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    Thanks so much! Be good to see for snacks also. As I have lost some weight now need to up and finding it hard to think of what to have other than more chicken! Can't abide seafood - wish I could but can't eat it.

  • avskk
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    My goal is 1550 and I'm often under it. (The last month or so I've also been over quite a bit -- I'm having some willpower issues.) My diary is public; you're welcome to take a look.
  • Bobbiezilla
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    I'm usually about 1400-1700 and I think my diary's public.
  • dellaquilaa
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    Feel free to add me - I'm vegan and eating around 1500/day =) I find it pretty easy to stay close to my target as long as I don't totally gorge myself on fudge and cookies
  • CatAMcC
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    Thanks guys!!

    Eating more and now just making me even more hungry. I was stressing last few weeks over buying new house so had no appetitie and now its back with determination!
  • alheimurinn
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    I'm on 1600 and have an open diary too.
  • melaniecheeks
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    Are you logging all your foods? I had a quick look at your dairy, and you seem to be doing OK with the calories. However, you've set your daily carbs at 100, and are consistently over that. is there a reason why you've chosen that carb target? If you need to meet it, then you might need to rethink the oats for breakfast, oatcake snacks etc.
  • Phoenix_Warrior
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    I eat around 1550-1600 every day. Diary is open :) I do eat eggs though, so ignore those hehe.
  • blgerig
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    I am around 1500 + eat most of my exercise calories, feel free to add me and take a look at my diary!