28-day Handstand Challenge

So, we have squat, push-up, and plank challenges, how about a handstand challenge? I'd really like a solid handstand under my belt. Anyone want to join this not-so-closet circus freak? :happy:

Here are the details: http://chrissalvato.com/2013/05/28-day-handstand-challenge/


  • lenoresaari
    lenoresaari Posts: 500 Member
  • astronomicals
    astronomicals Posts: 1,537 Member
    wow.... a challenge im actually interested in... i was about to start doing handstand training anyhow... id like to be able to walk on my hands and do freestanding handstand pushups

  • hopperem
    hopperem Posts: 228 Member
    I am in. My kids will be very impressed!
  • hajenkatt
    hajenkatt Posts: 331 Member
    This looks hilarious. I am going to start tomorrow!