PS4 vs. Xbox One

ACepero79 Posts: 711 Member
I've always been a Playstation guy, but the Xbox commercials with its integration with football is intriguing.

What's everyone's take??


  • BigDaddyRonnie
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    We have both...PS3 and Xbox.

    My kids love the Xbox, the PS3 sits dormant for months on end. My kid also has a Windows phone. You would not BELIEVE the control over your Xbox and profile that you have with the phone. Especially for those games that are Xbox only, the added benefits on the phone is astounding.

    With that said, we are an Xbox/Microsoft family. Analyzing both systems and our current setup, the Xbox One is a no brainer to us.
  • wolverine66
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    I was just talking to my brother about this yesterday....

    We were both PS guys until the last console, when we both hopped on Xbox 360 because it was cheaper and came out earlier (we tend to get the same console so we can play each other online). Now since the new XBox is not backwards compatible, we are considering moving back to PS. I do like the Xbox online experience, and don't know how Playstation's has evolved. The Xbox also comes with kinect built in, which I'm not sure I would use, but my son - who is 3 - might in a year or so when he starts playing some.

    Regardless, I think I will wait a year before getting either, so I have time to decide.
  • ACepero79
    ACepero79 Posts: 711 Member
    The HDMI passthrough on the Xbox One is that thing that is making it attractive. You can connect your cable box to it and watch TV through the game console.
  • DTorres2282
    XBOX 1 hands down finally the last consel to be made just upgrades from here on out its a good Idea and XBOXhas always been a step above Play station when PS3 net crashed and couldnt play live XBOX was still runnin strong just my opinion.