Last hole on my Belt!

Yay! I am on the last hole on my belt! I have been in between for the past 3-4 days. My pants have practically been falling off and I really needed to cinch them down, but it created a little bit more of a "muffin top" than i was willing to go for! Well today, I went for it. I Cinched them down! Whoohoo!

So how shall i reward myself? Buy a new belt?


  • FunkBunny
    FunkBunny Posts: 417 Member
    Wonderful! A new belt and some new pants, i'd say!
  • themommie
    themommie Posts: 4,989 Member
    Congrats, you are doing great. Yes reward yourself with a new belt and new pants
  • Debhow
    Debhow Posts: 17 Member
    I belt that feels great! Yes, buy a new belt!
  • caroeden
    caroeden Posts: 31
    What a great feeling! Good job!!!
  • new pants & a new belt, buying at thrift shops is a great way to buy clothes that fit while you are in transition.
  • wow great job, keep up the good work.
  • jacqueline0821
    jacqueline0821 Posts: 667 Member
  • Chrissun
    Chrissun Posts: 148
    What a great feeling! For sure a new belt and I like the idea of thrift store pants.
    I pulled all the XL t-shirts out of my closet today. No more planning for "I feel fat and need to hide my body" days.
    I'm looking forward to needing a new belt!
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