Can you eat differently to your bf/gf together?

How do you manage to make sure you still eat together as a couple but you don't end up eating badly with them?

My boyfriend can pretty much eat whatever he likes and I don't want to ruin our meal times going on about the content of stuff or having to make separate things all the time.

Any suggestions would be great :)


  • lebaker310
    lebaker310 Posts: 164 Member
    My boyfriend is currently bulking and eats 3000-4000 cals a day, where as I eat about half of that. We tend to eat the same things, I just eat smaller portions (I stick to the smaller plate trick). There are times where he is in the mood to eat a whole frozen pizza to himself and I just try to make something special for myself. I don't make it a big deal, and he understands if I need to eat something else. We started cooking and meal prepping together which has been helpful. I try to find healthier versions of unhealthy meals. I've made swaps like ground turkey instead of beef and whole wheat for white. Most of the time he doesn't notice or care. If we go out to eat I just try to find healthier options. Not really sure why this is a problem, unless you boyfriend likes to eat junk food for dinner every night.
  • Cristlefir
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    Luckily, my boyfriend supports my healthy lifestyle completely. When I cook us dinner, he eats what I cook. He may eat a bigger portion, but that doesn't bother me. We have a pretty clear understanding of one another. I don't feel pressure or offense if he decides to snack on Poptarts or something. When we go shopping we make healthy decisions together and he may pick out things he wants for himself (usually things I'm not interested in). I'm lucky because he's not a big snacker and typically doesn't eat a lot to himself. We have similar diets and it hasn't caused a big problem.

    If you're having trouble, I would try to have a conversation with your partner about what your expectations are. You can't make him choose a different lifestyle, but you can ask him to support yours and not make your eating habits harder. Decide on things that work for both of you, and work on steeling yourself over for not snacking when he does. It's a combined effort, and is definitely on your shoulders not to eat when he does, because it's your life change, not his. But he should be supportive, so have a talk about it. :)
  • sunsetzen
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    We eat the same thing at dinner, but I eat less of it. Otherwise, he eats what he likes, and lots of it (lucky tall, fast-motabolism'd *kitten*)
  • Llamapants86
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    I tend to do most of the meal planning. But when my husband decides to cook I tend to have a healthy snack before and after and just a small portion of what ever he made.
  • mtizi
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    I've been a gluten free mostly vegan diet for a while. My husband is french so lots of bread. I usually make something for him and he takes the left overs for lunch. I like mostly snack foods, vegs w/hummus, apple and peanut butter, etc. So I just fix myself something easy.