Stop feeding your feeling....(emotional eating)

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As a diabetic emotional eating can have more dire consequences than just weight gain. In the winter 2013 Diabetic Living magazine there is a great article about emotional eating and they also have some great recipes.


  • This is good advice for everybody. Emotional eating is detrimental to our weight loss successes and will do more harm than good. It can be compared to alcoholism and drug use. Your problems will still be there after you have finished eating. Find a more effective outlet to release your frustrations, like exercise. Getting your blood flowing will help clear your head and help you think more clearly about the problem you are facing.
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    Low carb helps a ton with uncontrolled eating.
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    Low carb helps a ton with uncontrolled eating.

    I found this myself. Even carbs from dairy can make me start craving sugar. Sensitivity to lactose, maybe? Who knows.
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    As a diabetic if your sugar levels get high it gives you the feeling of hunger, so you eat more, pushing your sugar higher which....well you see how it works. This book has some good recipes and tips and tricks to help.
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    This is really for anyone.. This is a bad time of ear for me.. and I can go either way.. extreme eating or extreme under eating. I'm determined to eat normally throughout the entire month. It's all emotional.

    It's crazy how one thing can trigger the eating too. This ups coming Saturday is an emotional day for me. I would drown it in sugar previously.. cakes, cookies, candy... whatever.. and it just continued on until new years.. because I wanted to avoid feeling what I feel on the day my world changed forever. It doesn't help, but that 5 second of sugar euphoria i guess where worth it to me. before. Sugar (added sugar for me personally) makes me crave more sugar.. and then I get a wicked headache when I stop, so I eat more to avoid the head ache. Viscous cycle.

    no more.

    I'm going to run or something that day to replace the sugar euphoria with a different type. Haven't planned that day yet.. still working on this one.