A problem and a success.

So I'm a bit menstrual and ate a huge peanut butter cup from a chocolate store downtown last night. Afterwards I felt pretty terrible - I think it made me lightheaded/vertigo-ish. Anyone else experience this? Was it a sugar rush from not having sugar like that in so long? I'm generally paleo by the way and have been for maybe 6 months.

On the plus side, I decided I wanted to combat what I just did, so I went for an awesome night run. I've been doing C25K and have been repeating Week 5 Day 2 out of fear of the 20 minute run on day 3. But last night, after the program cut out on me after the 1st 8 minute run (it does this pretty often, I need to find a better one), I said screw it and did day 3. I ran for 20 minutes straight and though my calves were burning, I didn't get out of breath! I would have never thought I could be a runner like this! I'm genuinely proud.

Well good luck with everyone's weekends, and have a wonderful holiday season if you're celebrating!


  • CharChary
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    If you're not used to the sugar, it can definitely impact you that way! I have had similar things happen. I went a long time without drinking any kind of soda and the other day got a diet soda (ugh) and felt really weird after.
  • sailboating
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    Great running!
  • NickyDiam
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    You handled the whole thing pretty well, your chocolate craving got you over a workout hurdle and that in itself is a huge accomplishment, well done!
    I have learnt to stay away from chocolate ( in excess anyway). Since I started my healthy lifestyle, eating ( too much) chocolate makes my heart race..... So I'll have just a small bite, or one square knowing full well that if I indulge I'll feel like my heart wants to jump right out of my chest.
  • Sarahnade42x
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    That's the exact same day of C25K I was afraid of, but I eventually did it (sort of by accident) too. Yay us!

  • lebbyloses
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    Way to with the run! That's a big leap in the program, and now that you've cleared it, the whole thing will be so much better! Go you!