Puppy Problems

So I think I'm running my dog into the ground doing C25K with her. She's a year and a half old golden retriever in good health. But when I run with her she's dragging behind me, resisting. It's not like I've started running with her out of the blue either - she started the program with me 2 months ago when I was just doing 90 second bouts of running at a time. We've been taking it SLOW. Any suggestions for getting a dog to enjoy running?


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    You have to make it exciting for them. So "whooooooo ready steady go" type stuff might work. A squeaky toy perhaps, or something else she really likes. Ultimately though goldens are pretty laid back, she just might not be a runner.
  • The only dog I have ever been able to get to run with me was a Border Collie/Dalmatian mix. We had a lab/Rott mix that did not enjoy walks/runs. My blue heeler was energetic and she ran around with me when I was little, but she passed before I started running regularly. Golden Retrievers were bred to retrieve, so maybe having her chase something might encourage her.
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    Thanks for the responses. I tried the squeaky toy idea - but she just ended up lunging at me LOL Maybe if I can find another runner with a dog, she'd be more interested. She always seems more motivated when there's another dog up the road.
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    My pups was like that. Just like humans, they too need to start from the bottomw. My dod is a maltese/poodle and runs upwards of 3.5 miles 2 times a week with me. At first, he would fall back and sit down after 10 min but now he keeps up. He's a beast lol
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    Wish I could just delete. Someone else just made the suggestion I was going to post so I am redundant.
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    I wish I could run with my insane boxer border collie mix. He is a beast.
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    One vet I used to work for suggested people get their dogs a vest or harness (or backpack, if you want to go hardcore :P), and use that only when they were running with them, instead of their normal collar/leash. This got the dog used to the idea that this particular going-out-time wasn't a lackadaisical walk time, it was a more of a "work" session. Also lots of treats and praise almost always helps.
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    Doesn't work with my little doggies either. My Chug keeps up, but my Yorkie just throws himself to the ground to be dragged if he's done with the running. I don't run for more than a mile in two minute burst. I can't imagine either keeping up as my endurance builds.
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    Goldens are not known to be runners. If she is dragging, I would only take her for short runs. Have you considered she might be having pain of some kind? Hip displasia is becoming a more common problem in Goldens.
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    Some dogs just aren't runners. No matter how much we want them to be, they just aren't. I have a Lab/Spaniel mix that loves to run but can't do more than 5K so I don't push her. I have a Shar Pei/Lab mix that loves to run and will give himself a stroke. For him, we only run in the winter, and never more than 2 miles. He will go until he collapses if I let him.

    I say if your dog doesn't like to run, don't force it.
  • Might be your dog finds this form of exercise monotonous. I've got two large, very active dogs who love running and can easily keep up on 30+km hikes, but only one of them is willing to do bikejoring (pulling a bike sled-dog-style) with me. The other one could easily do it as well, she just isn't that much into it, and finds it boring and pointless. This same dog also doesn't like it when I do sprint bursts when running - she prefers to set her own rhythm. Remember we're talking dogs whose average workload is about 50km per week, and rather more than that during holidays. Pets, much the same as humans, have differing personalities, and not all of them are interested in all kinds of activities. If you find out she genuinely doesn't like higher levels of exercise, don't force her, and maybe consider adopting a more active pet. I guarantee your Golden would be happy for the new company as well.
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    That is pretty young to start doing serious roadwork with a Golden. Do shorter distances and not every day. The issue isn't conditioning, but stress on barely-grown weight bearing joints. If she's still dragging, a vet check is in order to look for problems.
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    That is pretty young to start doing serious roadwork with a Golden. Do shorter distances and not every day. The issue isn't conditioning, but stress on barely-grown weight bearing joints. If she's still dragging, a vet check is in order to look for problems.

    This is good advise. Growth plates in the dogs leg's do not fully close till 16-18 months. Longer for the larger ones. The other factor is mental development. Puppies have the attention span of a flea and if you force them to do something after they have lost interest then you can probably kiss that activity goodbye for a while. Try again later and only do it for the period of time that the dog is interested and then quit. Do the rest of your exercise alone. The next day - maybe a bit more. Always keep it upbeat and fun. I have 8 dogs - all sizes. We train agility, flyball, lure coursing, and racing. All of them play. The little ones that ore less than 10 pounds and the bigger ones and the ones in between., Cannot see any reason why a golden would/could not play, Some of the goldens I have seen are far removed from a retriever and are big boned white show dogs bred only to look pretty. Hard to say what type you have. The larger ones take longer to mature physically and mentally. Could be that your puppy is having joint/leg pains from too much activity too soon.

    Running is very different from taking the dog for a walk. If that is all they know then they think that they need to empty and mark their territory and check in on the pee mail. If the rules of the game have changed - you need to make sure that you communicate that. Takes a while but all of my know the difference and I am sure you can figure this out with yours. Slowly and positively is the name of the game.

    Good luck