Help with Gluten-Free Flour Blend

I just bought a Gluten-Free recipe book. It gave me the following All-Purpose Flour Blend

1c white rice flour
1c sorghum flour
1c tapioca flour
1c cornstarch
1c almond or coconut flour

I'm going gluten free on purpose. So my question for everyone that is gluten free. Can I use this blend in regular recipes that call for flour?

Many thanks!


  • Mokey41
    Mokey41 Posts: 5,769 Member
    You can but you'll probably end up with a brick. Gluten is the sticky part of flour that makes bread rise and things be light and fluffy. Gluten free baking requires some manipulation and you're best to follow recipes designed for those flour mixes. Often guar gum or some other substance is added to provide the "stick" that gluten gives.
  • APalmieri2012
    APalmieri2012 Posts: 14 Member
    xanthum gum is also somthing that you might want to look into.
  • kjimmie4848
    kjimmie4848 Posts: 123 Member
    How about gluten free oats? I used my coffee grinder to make oat flour for cookies. Turned out well.