Sugar Less Gummy Bear cleansing - works

Cannot keep this one to myself. To appreciate its power, you must read the customer reviews.


  • SLLRunner
    SLLRunner Posts: 12,943 Member
    I suspect this is posted tongue-in-cheek?

    That first review is humorous alright, because that's what sugar-free with any "orbitol" does to you-makes you poop and poop and poop. Probably says on the package that over consumption will cause a laxative effect.
  • mjpTennis
    mjpTennis Posts: 6,165 Member
    There is a small warning...perhaps a last minute holiday gift?
  • Francl27
    Francl27 Posts: 26,371 Member
    I laughed so hard at that review.
  • judyde
    judyde Posts: 401 Member
    Hilarious. But I can't figure out how this product has these issues. There are lots of sugar free products around, why would these cause such a reaction?
  • JustMeee333
    I tried Sugar Free Haribo too, it did indeed have a laxative effect warning on the packing, which I seen.. after I ate the whole packet. :noway: :laugh: 70g weren't "too bad" of an effect, hahaha!!!

    There's even a website dedicated to sugar free sweets, and for the USA! :smile:
  • rosemary98
    that is pretty hilarious. those ice breakers candies always cause severe bloating for me...and well, the rest.