Friends needed

I've been slacking for the past couple of years and I've realized I need to be accountable to someone else other than myself. I am a very supportive person but I'm warning you, I have an odd sense of humor!


  • Anselee
    Anselee Posts: 62 Member
    Feel free to add me I'm a daily logger. Lets motivate each other to reach our goals :)
  • Ailbe1
    Ailbe1 Posts: 164
    FR sent! Thanks!
  • joelaurentino
    joelaurentino Posts: 23 Member
    I am a daily logger who has been somewhat successful but have not added any friends. I think I need to change that keep me going. Feel free to add me
  • snootmaster
    snootmaster Posts: 69 Member
    Sending friend requests now...
  • HSokol
    HSokol Posts: 67 Member
    I think me and you would get along just fine! Friend request being sent :tongue:
  • WhisperAnne
    I'm really weird and have a silly sense of humor so we could get along just fine! anyone can add me =)
  • kogger386
    I am new but logging daily and also need support. Feel free to add me :)
  • Flip4chan
    Flip4chan Posts: 23 Member
    I've been here for a bit and log daily, feel free to add me.
  • SkipPoodle6
    I too need support and will add you all.
  • benchsquad65
    benchsquad65 Posts: 147 Member
    Haha I think we`d get along fine! I actually studied in Montréal last year, it was great! I log and workout daily 185 days straight!
  • ozicath
    Hi Just started a week ago, need extra support as I need to lose 40KG, is anyone here from Sydney, Australia?
  • SkipPoodle6
    I am from the far north coast of New South Wales- Sorry.
  • yic001
    Hi everyone :) I've been using MFP for a while now on a on and off basis. However, I am trying to log in on a daily basis now and I figured out I might need some encouragement! Feel free to add me.
  • BeautyBeast2013
    BeautyBeast2013 Posts: 63 Member
    feel free to add me anyone can also looking for more friends
  • losborn52
    I log in every day, I eat on the road a lot, and I'm told that I have a weird sense of humor. Add me, if you'd like.
  • jamieboocock
    jamieboocock Posts: 1 Member
    Hi, I'm from Leeds, England and I'm new here but I've been logging daily. I could do with a few friends to keep me coming back to the site because I can get easily de-motivated. Feel free to add me peeps :)
  • malabosanka
    malabosanka Posts: 2 Member
    Im the new one, come from Bosnia and Herzegovina and want to meet new friends, lose weight and be support :) so if anyone want to be friends contact me. Have in mind that english is my second language so i need help with english too
  • lmckillo
    lmckillo Posts: 127 Member
    You can add me if
  • Carlin13
    I would love to make some new friends to stay motivated (: Feel free to add me
  • JenToms80
    JenToms80 Posts: 373 Member
    Request on the way! :)