Anyone use Sworkit & a HRM? Accurate?

Thank you to Joy_Joy_ for providing me with two links that cleared this all up for me. I didn't realize that HRMs aren't necessarily accurate when determining a calorie burn. You learn something new every day! Again, thank you for the information and anyone else who would like to read the posts that joy_joy_ linked (and don't feel like scrolling down):

**No longer need help with this (see above), but keeping it up so that others can see what I originally asked**
I started using the Sworkit app this morning and really enjoyed it. I'm getting a HRM for either Christmas or my birthday (so either late December or late January). Has anyone used a HRM and Sworkit? Did you find that overall the calories it says are burned were fairly accurate? I know that different things can affect how many calories you actually burn, but just wondering if anyone in their personal experience has found it to be accurate for them. Thanks to anyone who can help :)