i dont know if anyone cares (a lot of people bash them) but gnc is having 40% off everything... fyi :)


  • jenna715
    jenna715 Posts: 201
    Dang I thought this was gunna be a better deal than the sale on quest bars actual site, but GNC marks up the bars so much that the 25% off quest is having is still better...
  • hurleycutie142
    hurleycutie142 Posts: 480 Member
    i know most things r so overprised there r definite alternatives but its a good deal for the sweet sweat stuff i get and the workout powders
  • nytrifisoul
    nytrifisoul Posts: 500 Member
    Their Whole food daily vitamins are normally cheaper then vitamin shoppe whole food vitamins. I dont use them daily anymore now that i am maintaining but they do help when you are at a deficit to lose 2-3lb/week.
  • MercenaryNoetic26
    MercenaryNoetic26 Posts: 2,747 Member
    ON casein is $75 at GNC and about fitty on Amazon. So hmmmm... might check it out. Thanks.

    Eta: I def get their vitamins so could get those.