New to the forum! 5ft and from the UK

Hi everyone,

Been tracking my calories on here for 5 days now so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 5ft and currently around 173 lbs. I have a very high level of muscle on my body so for me its a case of getting rid of the fat on my abdomen which is pretty much where most of it is. I have very toned legs and relatively toned arms its just my annoying stomach fat thats driving me up the wall! I am undergoing the 5:2 diet as a lifestyle change. I am doing this because normally I exercise for a few weeks, fit into my ideal size and then stop thus gaining all the weight back plus more. High stress due to working a strenuous job while doing a very demanding degree has also contributed to my weight gain but I want to look good and I know I'm at an advantage due to being unusually muscular compared to the average woman.
Current dress size uk 12 would like to fit an uk 8. I don't care about weight. Current waist measurement 29 down 2 inches from last week.
Daily intake: 1200 calories 5 days a week. 500 calories 2 days a week. Plus elliptical trainer using 3lb weights doing arm exercises at least 5 times a week for at least an hours sometimes broken up into 2 30 minute sessions.

Please feel free to advise me on any tips on how to maximise my weightloss.