seeing that fat picture

is it just me or has everyone had that monent where they see a pics of themselves and think damn im fat? just had one of those moments...right now im laying in bed eating a pie from work and asoda and thinking damn wtf am i doing... well im back guys... i worked hard to lose 50lbs but once i got married in june i gained 20 back... i think to be able tomaintain or lose weight we need to have that breakdown to realize what we want... sorry guys im rambling :) but i definitely would love more friends to help me be accountable


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    We all have that moment - its what we DO about it ; that counts. Youre back and that's the first step and we are all here to help along the way. You CAN do this!!!!!:flowerforyou:
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    I knew I had gained a lot...but caught a glimpse of myself in a store window and said aloud OH ****...I was stunned! When I decided to join MFP I knew I needed to take NON-concealing photos...the ones in the buff did not please, but when I saw the ones fully clothed, again, I was SHOCKED! How come no one told me?!? Why didn't anyone say, Girl, you are BLOWING UP...when I joined I was so that I am here, handling my business, I am SO excited, so proud. POINT BEING - once you know know it...and you/me/we have to choose what we are going to do. We're interacting HERE - our choice is obvious! All the best! Smiles!
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    ^^^^^^Well Said Madam!! Well said!!:drinker:
  • Yes!! Have definitely seen pics of myself and wondered who the hell that fat chick was. Lol! Just a couple of days ago me and my husband took our nieces out to where they have those distorted mirrors....I jokingly said, I hope that's just the mirror. Hardy har har. My husband's response, Looks normal to me. I look at his reflection and he looked normal. I, however, was short and dumpy and it was not an optical illusion! =O lol. So I'm feeling like I needed that reality check.

    And congrats on your marriage! =)
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    That happen to me in August and that was when I decided that I had enough! No turning back now! I want a new me. Good luck with everything and congrats on your marriage
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    It definitely did. I'm 10 pounds lighter than I was in "that picture" and it still makes me cringe.
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    yeah, I worked at one office where they took photos of the staff constantly and of COURSE that was when I was at my highest weight and horrified by the constant photo stream for everyone to gaze at :-( It was wretched.
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    Mine were when the two that are now part of my profile picture went on Facebook in May - that led to the third photo, which was last weekend.

    I think it's the case with a lot of people that they don't realise how they look until they see a photo. I could have swore I was never that big when I looked in a mirror - but sure enough I was....

    Use it as motivation :)