server job

after a couple months of not working i got a job as a server... my question is if i wear my hrm should i count the burn towards my exercise or count that as daily life?


  • Mokey41
    Mokey41 Posts: 5,769 Member
    You shouldn't wear your HRM because it won't be accurate. HRM's are made for steady state cardio like running and give hugely exaggerated numbers otherwise. Set your activity level to lightly active and leave it at that.
  • tjsoccermom
    tjsoccermom Posts: 500 Member
    Your body is going to adjust to your extra activity. I wouldn't count the calories that you burn. Like the previous poster mentioned, change the setting to a more active daily level and leave it at that.
  • FindingAmy77
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    I am server too and just changed my settings to active. I know we run around like crazy sometimes but other times we don't so its not steady cardio in my eyes. We still have to workout. I will admit it would be interesting to know how steps I take at work. hmm