Root Canal Mess help

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I went to the dentist for a root canal....and he accidentally got the Sodium Hypochlorite which is bleach down my throat!!! For 2 hrs my throat has been burning, my lung hurts, the dentist said it will go away. I tried everything and i still feel sick...I will go to the er if i get worse....its not that bad I am not dying...its just sooo uncomfortable and hurts.

Sodium hypochlorite is routinely used to disinfect and dissolve infected tissue from the inside of the tooth once the pulp or nerve has been removed during root canal surgery.

What he should have done but didn't isolated the tooth from the rest of the mouth using a rubber/dental dam. This prevents liquids or instruments from going down the patients throat. Also, as the liquid is introduced into the tooth it should be suctioned up by the assistant before it can escape outside the tooth. Which he didn't use.

Also this chemical kills and dissolves tissue, so is it possible to have tissue damage in your throat. I know I am giving myself a lot of anxiety but I just want to know has this ever happen to anyone.....Thank U so much for listening I am freaking myself out


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    No advice but I would take some pain pills and wait it out a couple of days as long as it isn't getting worse. Maybe call and see if you can use some numbing throat spray like for sore throats? Hope you feel better soon.
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    idk - but they should definitely give you a nice discount for that.
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    You need to go see your doctor.
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    Yup. Go to the doctor. And you better believe your dentist will be covering the doctor's visit bill.
  • 1-800-222-1222 will get you your local poison control center. Don't mess around with this chemical. I've gotten a couple root canals (and more to come :cry:) and the info about sodium hypochlorite had me considering just pulling the teeth. Request that the dentist use a dental dam next time. (And try to go to a different dentist. This current dentist doesn't sound like he's got your best interest at heart.) Good luck.
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    I'd hope you're not paying for that root canal - or your doctor's visit afterwards if you end up needing to go to the ER or urgent care if you don't start to feel better soon. I have had one root canal, and I wasn't even aware of the nature of the chemicals that they use until I read what you posted above. My dentist isolated the tooth as described above, and her assistant made sure nothing leaked out. I thought they isolated the tooth to prevent any bacteria from the rest of your mouth from getting inside before they plug the tooth up... but that explanation above makes more sense.

    Hope you're feeling better soon... I would not be OK with that kind of treatment, no way!
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    I would seek medical advice if anything at least it will put your mind at rest or get you any treatment you need :smile:
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    I wouldn't mix any drugs with bleach in your stomach, you should call poison control or go to the dr.
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    thank you everyone i did call poison control believe or not they were so unhelpful...i couldn't believe it. I talked to my dentist last night hes def trying to cover his *kitten*, he acted like i am being silly. I am done with this dentist. I am doing better, but i did get sick last night. I woke up with the bleach taste in my mouth...everything i eat or drink taste like gross i am going to a ent this week. thank u again, i just wanted to make sure this never happens to any one. I can't believe how a dentist can act like this and not even care. xo