*PROOF* that sugar kills!

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"Molasses spill suffocating Hawaiian reef fish"

*drops mic and walks away*

:laugh: #NotSrs :laugh:


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    Damn.. Where was I when this spill happened....
    I MISS EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!
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    sugar makes a GREAT food preservative....
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    poor fish
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    As a diver (including a few trips to Hawaii), I get a personal sense of LOSS when I see large loss of sea life (I saw this article several months ago).

    I have relatives that depend on a fish diet to reduce the chance of another heart attack. Large/Massive loss of sea life (Exon Valdez, BP Gulf spill, etc.) adds insult to the over-fishing/polution injury that drives up their food costs (less supply/more demand .... higher price).

    I am a spear fisherman. Loss of fish in the sea.......translates to loss of my favorite hobby.

    So you say, don't shoot them, take a picture. A picture of a bunch of decaying belly-up fish is not my idea of a pleasurable composition. I studied Marine Biology in college, was a commercial fisherman in the summers of my high school years, and I volunteer for the state park system as a Marine docent. I get a sense of LOSS, when I see careless destruction (not controlled harvesting) of our natural resources.

    We seem to be destroying the things around us. Eventually, it will be bad enough to impact our own survivability.

    Two years ago, I spent big bucks to dive the Great Barrier Reef off Australia. I felt pressured to get that done because the Australian government has estimated that already 25% of the reef has died (agricultural runoff, bleaching due to warmer water, crown of thorns infestations due to ag run off causing blooms, and fewer fish to eat the larvae before they get big enough to eat the coral). The die off rate appears to not be slowing down....maybe even increasing. Estimate is the reef will be totally destroyed within our lifetimes.

    I appreciate the humor of a sweet harbor (as if it was edible). Believe me, you DO NOT WANT to eat anything from our harbors even before the molasses spill.....unless you wish to risk medical problems......even death if enough is eaten.

    We seem to be focused on maximum profit, as we allow the destruction to go forward.
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