Working out is a State of Mind.. Don't Quit

I haven't worked out since 11/28 after aggravating an old injury; working out today felt so good. I stayed in my limits and held the stretches at the end a little longer. My advice to anyone... Don’t QUIT! No matter what happens get back on track and keep at it.

I lost count of how many times different illnesses hit my body that caused me to stop working out; but no matter what hit me I got right back into it (of course after healing). The longest time was this time last year when genetics caused the bones in my left foot to fused together causing my tendon to become stressed resulting in me being in a boot for 4 months. Then after that 2 months of nothing but sneakers w/custom inserts (I'm a 5 in high heels kinda gal). Despite all that... during the two months of sneakers I began to slowly workout (with my doctor permission); strengthening my tendon and adjusting my footing.

People...working out has to become a state of mind.... You must have it set in your heart, mind in your soul that you will overcome whatever comes your way and keep working out. Ignore the haters, ignore your own inner voice telling you its not worth it. Keep a vision of how you want yourself to look and go for it. :smile: