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handyrunnerhandyrunner Member Posts: 32,665 Member Member Posts: 32,665 Member
Hi everyone...Im not new here but I have not been consistent.

A little about me..This time last year I was at the 300lb mark..since then Ive dropped 50 lbs, run 3 half marathons (plus several small races) and I weight train/run 6 days a week. However. my weightloss is stalled. I cannot seem to budge from the 250 range and I know its because I have not been accounting for calories. So my plan is to be consistent on using the site so I can get that sucker to budge and reach that goal. I am very happy with what I have achieved so far but the journey isnt done yet.

I would be happy to accept friends if your interested. I do enjoy supporting others through encouragment or even simple chit chat. So by all mean look me up.
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