best exercise pants

hi all, I usually wear nike dri-fit pants to train but have been looking online and came across lululemon brand. I have never heard of it and wondered if anyone owns some and what they are like?


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    anyone? lol
  • squirrelzzrule22
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    Love them a ton. Overpriced, but I'm addicted. Their bras are great too, and I really like their long sleeve shirts for outdoor winter running. I have two pairs of the inspire running crops, two pairs of wunder unders (one in athletic material and one in more standard legging cotton) and another pair of running spandex that stops at the knee (I forget the name.) i also have spamdex running shorts and their speed shorts, which are so comfy for running. just make sure you try them on or read reviews to find out how a particular style's sizing runs- some are bigger or smaller.
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    I have a friend who swears by them. I guess the are supposed to be great. She says they're super comfy, allow for a lot of movement and keep her cool. I've never tried them personally. I usually get the yoga leggings from VS when they're having a really big sale with free shipping on them (or if Target has anything on clearance!). But I also work out and home. The friend I mentioned goes running outside and to the gym, so I think she takes a bit more pride in her workout gear than I do. I usually have those leggings and an old t-shirt with a hole in the armpit on. The only thing I really spend money on is my sports bras. I will gladly pay the $50 it takes to keep them held down tight.
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    i'm loving these from old navy

    pretty good compression for the price (cheaper than under armor). LOVE the drawstring waist. good moisture wicking.

    added bonus is ON almost always has some sale and these go on reduction often so that they are sometimes as low as $15
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    Thanks :-) I might have to buy a pair of each and compare! (I wish)
  • Mia_RagazzaTosta
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    I have them and I like them but truthfully I like my yoga pants from Old Navy just as much and they're a fraction of the cost.
  • yoga pants in a males opinion...

    in all seriousness, under armour is usually a really good bet, male or female, for workout gear.
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    I have a bunch but i also swear by the Nike Dri-fit. I also have some adidas and under armour as well as other cheaper brands (walmart has some pretty good deals) as buying work out clothes can get expensive. Nike and under armour are my favorite.
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    Very over priced (Lulumon). Believe it or not, I find the merino wool exercise clothing to be the best stuff out there. Smartwool, IBEX, IceBreaker, etc. Lasts forever, never stinks, wicks like mad and keeps you warm and dry. Or cool and dry if it's lightweight and summertime.
  • QuietBloom
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    i'm loving these from old navy

    pretty good compression for the price (cheaper than under armor). LOVE the drawstring waist. good moisture wicking.

    added bonus is ON almost always has some sale and these go on reduction often so that they are sometimes as low as $15

    Those are really cute! When I can't afford my favorite stuff (merino and under armour, I go for Champion Duo Dry. But now I have a new possible source!)
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    I'm going to have to agree with the other posters about Old Navy. Great gear for the price. I guess I just couldn't imagine dropping more than $30 on a sports bra or pair of exercise pants, so I really don't think Lululemon is worth it. I think you're just paying for the brand, tbh.
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    Macy's makes a nice line of workout pants.. it's just their store brand and they're around $30/$40 each. LL is great but way too much for something I'm just going to sweat all over IMO.
    Champion is pretty good. Also the local TJ Maxx or other bargain type store might have nice brands at markdown prices. I get a lot of my Nike, UA etc stuff there.
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    Oh and don't forget outlet stores. Most of the name brands have their own outlet if you live in a big enough city.
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    Costco has some great exercise pants. And honestly, danskin brand from wal-mart are great too!

    I own a couple pairs of lululemon pants, but I usually just wear them to sleep in, or wear them to class. For some reason I cringe at the thought of drenching a $100+ pair of pants in sweat :laugh:
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    A few weeks ago I came across an article about lululemon and some of the quality problems they were having (the material being too sheer and very weak around the inner thigh region. I could not find that particular article for you but i did find this - hope it helps.

    December 22, 2013 | Comments (0)

    Lululemon Athletica (NASDAQ: LULU ) , popular maker of athletic lifestyle apparel, has come under serious fire in recent months. The retailer has struggled to overcome the disastrous consequences of a product recall it suffered in early 2013. Coupled with slowing growth and terrible public relations management, shares of Lululemon have fallen over 20% in 2013.

    However, the largest and often unmentioned threat to Lululemon is the incredibly limited appeal of its brand. This is a problem that competitors like Under Armour (NYSE: UA ) and Nike (NYSE: NKE ) do not have.
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    I love my Lulu pants for running! They are the best, plus there is a pocket in the back for my cell phone, which I love since I am usually out by myself. I have never had a problem with them being too sheer, but it could be the colors I choose? Not sure.

    I agree with someone else who said TRY THEM ON. I had no idea what size I was until I did so, and it made a big difference. They do not match up to pants sizing. I am normally a 0 or 2 in pants, and am a 4 in most pants at Lulu.

    As for gym and training, I wear Lulu as well, or Victoria's Secret. My sports bras are ALL Victoria's Secret.