Waist Cinchers/Corsets

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Has anyone tried working out with these? Or has anyone worn them at all and what were your results? I was just curious before I purchased one.



  • mccindy72
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    It's not healthy to work out with a corset or waist binding on. Your diaphragm needs to expand fully as you breathe harder during your workout. It's also not good for your organs and abdominal muscles to be restricted. If it's too tight, it can restrict blood flow and you can pass out. There's a reason in the Middle Ages ladies had "fainting couches" to land on when they passed out - those corsets were dangerous.
    Also, your core will work harder if you don't wear a corset and focus on keeping those muscles tight yourself.
  • DemoraFairy
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    Working out in a corset is certainly not something I ever considered before... and I can't think of any reason why you'd want to, really.

    I've owned a few for cosplay & steampunk outfits, if you're just wearing them for a regular day they can be really comfortable if you get one that fits properly and don't do it up too tight.
  • tasha30
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    I have purchased two, but a very popular trainer in Atlanta highly recommend using one (she's my idol) and she works out with one each and every day!
  • rgugs13
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    I've worn a corset for 8-12 hours at a time working at a Renaissance Festival, and I wouldn't ever think to exercise in one. If it isn't too tight, walking would be fine, but they really constrict your breathing. If you try to do too much with a too tight corset, you can risk hyperventilating. Corsets also prevent you from using your core muscles, so if you wear it enough, you may shrink your waist, but you won't have much core strength at all. There is a reason the corset lost popularity as women became more physically active through history.