Hoopin anyone??

Hi all,

OK so after falling off the MFP bandwagon for a bit now, and after now having gained everything I did lose, all back I've also now gained a few more lbs from vaca. UGH!!! :-( So I am interested in (hula) hooping! I read that an hour can burn up to 600 calories?! I sooo need to find something fun that I will enjoy doing and that will provide me AMPLE calorie burn as well. I am also going to start sitting on a balance ball chair at work shortly and hope that it will help me to improve my posture as well as strengthen my core muscles. I guess having a sedentary job will affect my back more than realized, which is why I'm now going to try this out. Any thoughts/suggestions? Any other hoopers out there w/ flat tummy testimonials?! Lol... I hope to join THAT group once I start on this hoopin trend!! :-)