Time takes to run a 5k?

I did my first 3 5ks last year but I wasn't able to completely run them but I completed them all expect color run in less than hour. (keep stopping to play in color and take photos lol) but this year I want to be able to completely run the one at my church's fall festival so my question is what would be a good average time it should take to completely run a 5k so I can have an idea of what I need to be working towards?


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    I'm not sure but if it's a race, I'd say around 30 minutes or so. I'm not a runner by any means, I enjoy swimming, and actually hate running, but I have done one 5k race and I did it in 25 minutes, so I'd say half an hour is a good goal to shoot for.
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    ok thanks yeah I'm definitely not a runner either dance is my favorite but I'm wanting to be better at running.
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    Check out this group and download the free C25K app


    You first priority will be to gradually build your aerobic capacity by increasing distance. Don't even think about speed right now. It will come naturally in time. The C25K program will prepare you to run the entire distance without walking. Once you finish the program you will have a better idea of time estimates. It is too hard to predict for you right now.

    There is no "good" or "bad" time for your first 5k. Compete with yourself and nobody else:)
  • My first ever 5K was 32:41. 12 5's later and I finished in 29:14
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    It really depends on how fast you run. My 5ks are usually between 32 and 34 minutes and I am usually in the middle of all entrants. Some people run faster than others. Just try to beat your own time every race.

    And sometimes my faster 5ks have had a walk break in them.
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    people run at different speeds. There is no set number across the board. Run because you want to, because you love it or like it, not to beat a time. I would set my goal to run the whole 5K before I started worrying about how fast I do it. I ran a 10k with a 14 minute mile. Didn't care because I ran the whole thing. Slow miles are still miles and no one can take them away from you.