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Cooking with alcohol

So I'm wondering if when you cook with alcohol it effects the calorie content of the alcohol? For example I like a lot of stews and casseroles and will stick half a bottle of red wine in to cook it. As the alcohol is burned off does it reduce the calorie content of the wine when I put it into the recipe creator?


  • _Zardoz_
    _Zardoz_ Posts: 3,987 Member
    The wine in your recipe isn't burned . It's just reduced (so more concentrated) so the water content has gone down. the calories will be as near the same as really matters. if there is a difference it's really not worth worrying about
  • danimalkeys
    danimalkeys Posts: 982 Member
    the alcohol definitely cooks out so the calories would be reduced, but by how much, it'd depend on the alcohol%. Probably not enough to worry about with wine or beer in a sauce.