Green Coffee Bean Extract

So, lately I've been looking into diet supplement pills, including the Garcina Cambogia and the Green Coffee Bean Extract. I was wondering what others opinions were and if anyone has any experience. I would be continuing to eat less and healthier foods and exercising along with the pills. I was just wondering if these kinds of supplements are worth it. Thanks! :)


  • Ready2Rock206
    Ready2Rock206 Posts: 9,488 Member
    No. You can look at the 7,000 other threads posted this week also about this crap. Don't waste your money on magic pills and potions.
  • silken555
    silken555 Posts: 477 Member
    Search is your friend. It's right up next to settings.

    The summary of that search is the only thing that will lose any weight is your wallet.
  • EmmieBaby
    EmmieBaby Posts: 1,235 Member
    placebo effect pills.

    I hopped on the African mango trend way back results, the only thing Iost was $80.

    eat at a deficit
    work out (walking, lifting, cardio, wtv...just move)
    drink plenty of water
    love life

    and watch the weight drop =)
  • fiaria
    fiaria Posts: 18
    Thanks. After reading other topics about these substances, it probably would be better just to diet and exercise. I don't have the money to waste anyway, haha. It always seems so tempting though since there are so many good reviews about products like this.