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I have commented on a few posts,but no formal intro so here it is..I am soon to be 47,5.10,estimated starting weight I am guessing around 250-60..not sure as I didnt want to know,decided late August I needed to crack down on myself,I am a higher energy person anyway,but I let lazy negative people into my head and I fell apart,talking to another good friend,that has now become my best friend,and she told me,I needed a higher quality of friends.So I took her up on starting tae kwon do,I dug the bike out of the garage and soon I was back up to my 20 mile rides,and TKD twice a week,and walking the dogs several miles a day,eating right,watching my calories and feeling great!..and oh,,I dont see the negative friends much anymore,and I dont even miss them. So this started about 18 weeks ago or so,yesterday I saw some cute jeans on sale and bought a pair of 15s,figured great insperation for the next month or two,when I got them home I tried them on for the heck of it,,and they fit!!! I was so excited! I went from a 40 inch jean to a size 15 in that time,I have also this week started a lifting program 3 days a week.I feel great,I have tons of energy,and pretty sure I look good!..LOL..at least a lot better then I did.So anyway,,thats me.


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    congrats on the jeans fitting, what a feeling!

    I am 38, little shorter and my top weight was around where you started. I lost 120 when I was 28,29,30, but then slowly gained it back when I married and had 2 kids. I lost another 90 before baby 3, and gain 25 during PG, 50 AFTER! Ugh, so here I am again, not up to my highest, but making the changes I need to make. Keep up the good work!