Been on MFP 3 years now....looking for more friends

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I'm a shy reserved girl (trying to change that..honest!) and can be quiet a lot. I've been on this site for 3 years now. I got to my goal weight only to let myself go again, ultimately gaining more than I originally started here with! I have 15-20 pounds to lose, and am starting the T25 program this weekend. I also LOVE lifting heavy at the gym, and running on nice days.

I love music (Zeppelin will always be the best band of all time!) I love concerts and to tell you all the shows I've been to would take a page in word. The river is the best most peaceful thing ever, as I love to canoe, camp, or just go there for the day.

Enough about me....think we have things in common? Add me! I've made some amazing friends on this site that mean the world to me, and looking to find even more.


  • amilemon
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    Looks like our goals are similar. If you'd like to friend me, I'd be happy to join your support group! I like dance, Zumba, crossfit, and I don't really like running - but I do it!

    I love eating, cooking, baking. I'm obsessed with food - which is why I'm here - to keep myself in check!
  • Madleene
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    Hello there!I always had a bad image about myself because I am not the tall and slim type.Many times I underestimate myself because of it so I am trying to change this.
  • davert123
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    I am looking for friends that will cheer me on and I will do likewise. If you are willing to be sociable please feel free to add me. I am on here daily :-)
  • pixe_lynn
    Hi, I'm with you!! I've yo-yo'd between the weight of 135-145 after my third son was born (he's 2 now) and I got all the way up to 164 pounds at the beginning of December that I had to do something. I've been hitting the gym pretty hardcore at 5 am 3-4 times a week. Feel free to add me, I need more MFP friends! :D
  • Mad_Dog_Muscle
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    Looks like we joined about the same time, I am coming up on 3 years as well. Feel free to add me!