Fighting cravings like a mutha......

What are your go-to foods for cravings?


  • Nightdust
    Nightdust Posts: 171 Member
    Chocolate- Hunts sugar free chocolate pudding. Or nestle rich hot chocolate.
  • lebbyloses
    lebbyloses Posts: 133 Member
    This is going to sound nuts, but last night I had this insane urge to basically binge, despite having had plenty of food and not being physically hungry. I went through a series of mental steps to try to talk myself down ("you're doing well! Don't blow it." And "you can have those foods tomorrow. You're not even hungry! It will only make you feel sick" and "ok. Wait an hour.") and finally I was going to go get the things I suddenly was dying for when I told myself I had to have vegetables before I could leave the house. I nuked a box of broccoli with cheese sauce...and suddenly felt better. Like 100 percent over it. Mind you, I'd been on my way to get a bacon cheeseburger, large fries with fry sauce, and a pint of Ben and Jerry's. So it wasn't even a related food. Maybe broccoli with fake cheese is some kind of miracle creation. It's been a go-to snack, but now I am making sure to always have it on hand, for clearly it is craving kryptonite.
  • Mellyajc
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    What are you craving?

    I was told carrots are a perfect sugar, so will alleviate any sugar cravings. I haven't tested this extensively myself, but I've heard good things about it so far.

    My cravings are often texture related. I also find the more I exercise, the more I crave healthy food.

    Small bits of chocolate are nice to have on hand for cravings (if you can have them on hand rather than binge..I feel better knowing it's available while my partner leaves it at my house because he can't leave any).

    Sometimes even just a piece of toast with a little honey hits the spot.
  • XTSH
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    I recently discovered roasted seaweeds. They are readily available at my local super market and only 15Kcal per sheet (7X7 inch). Very tasty. As it come in big sheets, I have to tear it into bite sizes before I put into my mouth. Sort of a cure for the boredom cravings as well. I help myself to 10 sheets when the cravings get unbearable. Not even guilty. :D

    However, they are high in sodium so I tend to gain water weight the next morning.