How do you enter Jillian Michaels 30DS in the MFP Journal?


Today I started My Fitness Pal journal for weight loss and exercise. I have been doing the 30-day Shred (I´m on day 8!), but I don´t know how to enter it in the excercise journal, as it is not in the logs.

How have you been entering it?

Thanks for your help! Sorry if the question is too dumb, I´m new here :)


  • Fit_Fox88
    Fit_Fox88 Posts: 410 Member
    you can use a HRM and add in the time/calories manually in the "add an exercise" section
  • foremant86
    foremant86 Posts: 1,115 Member
    if you don't have an HRM you can center it as circuit training- general. It won't be exactly how many calories you burned but it's a decent estimate.