Favourite Saviour Diet Foods


I'm on 1200 calories a day and I'm not finding it too difficult after finding some really good low cal alternatives to things.

Some of mine are:

Warburtons sandwich thins (100cals each) instead of 2 slices of bread (about 200 cals)
Homemade soup (50ish cals) instead of shop bought (about 100-200 cals)
Special K wholegrain porridge (100ish cals) instead of oat so simple or other more calorific alternatives (250ish cals)
Cous cous (80ish calories per portion) instead of rice/pasta (250ish cals)

What replacement foods have you found and loved?


  • OneEyedWolf
    OneEyedWolf Posts: 19 Member
    A few that jump out at me:
    I swapped Special K chips for regular chips...most of the time. I do like me some tortilla chips and salsa at times<g>
    Frozen yogurt instead of ice cream (Moose tracks FTW!)
    Switched to a fat free sour cream
    I also use the Light Smart spaghetti sauce as my base for quick sauce instead of the regular jarred spaghetti sauce
    I've come to appreciate the Classico Light Alfredo sauce...which I thought I would never do.
    D'Italiano Light bread instead of the regular Italian bread that I had been buying.